I'm a Master! :)

I can’t believe it, I’m a Master! (Yes, I know how Master works.)
And I was only here for like, five months? Wow.


Yay, Congrats! Not sure this needs a topic of it’s own, though.


Yeah, I’m gonna agree with Pek on this one, unless you make a video where you throw your Bootleg Galidor figure at a LEGO Set.


sob I don’t have a bootleg Galidor figure!

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Dern it… Howa 'bout a Bootleg Slizer?

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I still got a ways to go! But I am getting there, I won’t be last for dodge ball again! :sweat: just kidding lol

I think this topic isn’t worth it. Congrats, though!

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Congrats! But this topic isn’t necessary; we have a topic for welcoming new masters in the Highly Suspect Hideout.

(Also, guys, if you think something doesn’t merit being its own topic, flag it! We won’t bite if we disagree! Well, not too much.)