I'm Getting A New Mic!

What is up guys, Toa Of Shadows here.

Soon I will be getting a new microphone at JbHiFi- it dosent need to be the very best like no one ever was- and it's going for $100. Should I get it? My current one is becoming more screwed up, and now it's so bad I am unable to make videos. So, should I get it or not?
Here is a link to it- smile

And no, I am not promoting my YT channel, this is a decision type of post.

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Well, if you need a new mic, ya' need a new mic.

I'm no expert on what good mics are.
But, I got a new mic for around $60 dollars.
I'll find out how good it is when it gets here, but from what I heard, it's a really good mic.

Remember to always get second opinions on stuff though. smile

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