I'm Going To Call You Fluffleface!

I don’t know why I got to therapy becuase it’s clealy not working.

Photos like this is why you should never leave me alone with my sibling’s toys.

Now to wonder why people still think I’m a brony…


Brony or no, I find that hilarious; I mean, you have a flipping Deception picking up a pony and wanting to call it “Fluffleface”! That is funny. We apologize; BlackBeltGamer98 is currently having a laughing fit.. (Wait a while). Thank you for your patience; BlackBeltGamer98 is now able to breathe without feeling like he’s been a victim of Joker Toxin.

I’m serious, I found that legitimately funny and thought it would make folks laugh if I added this little bit in.

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Well Thunderblast was always a weird one.

What? You think there’s something wrong with that?! /s

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No, it’s just everyone thinks I am a brony for some reason.

The fact she’s holding an MLP toy doesn’t help, hence why I said that.

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