I'm Having Issues With The Search Function

Recently, I’ve noticed that the Search function on the Message Boards is very inconsistent in actually detecting results, and I’m not sure if the issue is on my end, or the site’s.

For example, here’s my most recent encounter with this issue:

I want to find posts in the G1 Canon Contest Discussion Topic that contain the words “Helryx” and “prime”. The site tells me that there are no such posts, but I know for a fact that there are, and even found one:

Why is the site not detecting the specified posts?

It doesn’t work like a Ctrl-F, I don’t think. You can’t put in key words and then find phrases and posts with those words in it.

It’s worked for me plenty of times before:

I find that the issues tend to happen when I specify the topic.

Without topic:

With topic:

strange… maybe you should try it again?

I have also tried it, apparently you really can only search one phrase with giving the topic.