Imber, Master of Water


"Who's gonna save the day? This guy right here!"

Imber with his sister Ignis.

Alright then, time for some info. From Tumblr

"Imber is the brother of Ignis, master of fire who serves on the team of Terrus, Master of Shadow. Imber is a relatively new member of the team and certainly shows it. He’s brash, headstrong (much like his sister), and a tad arrogant. But at the end of the day, he is loyal to his team and knows when to stop goofing around.

Imber doesn’t have a “weapon.” he uses hand-to-hand combat and his water manipulation. Although he is a bit sloppy in his fighting technique, it’s still effective when it needs to be. Imber has been offered weapons before, but he has refused them saying it would “cramp his style.”

Before he became a member of Terrus’ team, he had always wanted to join a team of Toa. But he wanted to join solely to be apart of a team (in contrast to his sister’s motivations). Imber seems to have a dark secret as indicated by his brash nature. Is he trying to compensate for something from his past? Only time will tell."

I really like how this MOC turned out honestly. I wanted to make a non-skull villain MOC with a skull mask and this MOC was born. Lore wise, the skull mask is a mask of water that looks like a skull mask. Also the lack of armor on the lower arms was a stylistic choice on my part, although I am not against changing it up if need be. Also the Skull warrior ribs were another stylistic choice on me part. Don't worry, he is not undead. Plus I don't have any normal blue torso armor at the moment.

And for the sake of ease and because I have improved the MOCs I mentioned, here is a link to the Tumblr posts about:

Ignis, Master of Fire -

Terrus, Master of Shadow -

So as per usual, tell me what you guys think.

--UPDATE 1--

Eyyy....I changed some stuff around. Tell me what you guys think. Remember, I can always switch it back:

Do you guys thinks this makes more sense? He does use water manipulation in battle and I feel the azure shells give off that water combat vibe.


Looks pretty good, but Inber's armor is a bit spotty in some places

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Pretty decent build, can't really fault anything. Would've liked to see a weapon of some sorts? or just something they can hold.

Not bad at all!


I like it but something, I can't tell what, seems off.

They look good, but something doesn't feel right...
Idk if it's the armorless bits on the first one, he also has very little Yellow on him which is kinda odd.

Da nun
Dun na

Honestly this MOC has too many problems for my taste. The thighs especially are jagged and don't flow with the rest of the legs. The azure could probably be removed completely and make the color scheme look a bit better.

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Imber looks pretty basic, but cool. Ignis, on the other hand, I have some problems with. Firstly, it doesn't look femminen at all, and also, it only has one gold piece. It needs more.

@ChaoticTempleKnight I saw these two and I could not resist writing a quick story about them. Please forgive me for any factual errors. Enjoy!

Imber sat on the shore of Ga-Koro, kicking his feet back and forth, occasionally striking the rock his rump rested upon. He was a Master of the waves, a true user of the element of Water, a strong, powerful being who was feeling -
“BOOOOOOOOORED,” Imber groaned, picking up a nearby stick and throwing it weakly into the water. “Why aren’t there any bad guys to fight around here?!”
“I don’t know,” Ignis, his fiery sister, retorted from across the beach, “Ask Terrus!”
The Mistress of Fire struck the sand with her foot, clearly displaying her own boredom. The twin Toa were still groaning when a large metal canister struck the rock Imber sat upon, knocking the Master of Water from his perch and back into the sand.
“What the - ?” Imber’s arrogant nature took over, and he yelled, “How dare that metal canister shove me to the ground! Doesn’t he know who I am?!”
Ignis ran over, yelling something to her brother, but he couldn’t hear over the sound of ripping metal from above him.
“Huh?” He yelled back, “I can’t hear you!”
“Guess what!” An annoyed voice called from above, “I can’t hear anything! Do you know what twenty thousand years in a metal tube does to your senses? It certainly doesn’t help that my body’s a mass of bugs!”
Imber looked up quickly, surprised. What he saw shocked him. Standing on the rock was a shifting mass of green with only a few distinguishing features - one of them being a very large and permanent grimace plastered on the being’s face.
“Skakdi…” The Toa whispered, as if seeing a long-lost relic of the past.
“That’s Zaktan to you, punk!” The green being suddenly solidified and leaped on top of Imber, unsheathing a large golden “tri-blade” weapon. “Prepare to die.”

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I disagree, I think the mask conveys that Ignis is female. Also their really isn't any "feminine" torso armor at the moment (Plus G2 Gali uses what you would define as male chest pieces). Yeah, there is the torso piece Gali 2015 uses, but I don't have any of those available at the moment and I am not sure how well it would go with the color scheme.

You must not be fully familiar with Bionicle G2 yet (my apologies if my assumption is wrong), but that is a Golden elemental mask. It is a special mask that all toa wear regardless of color scheme if they have said mask.

I'll be completely honest, I was going to add Azure shells to the arms, but I couldn't find the fourth shell.

I was planning on having him have a weapon. But I couldn't figure out a good one and decided to go with him using martial arts and his water manipulation.


Nice build, but the eyestalk sticks out. I think blue would look better.

First, even with it being a golden mask, they usually have another metallic color on them too, as an accent. This has all of two titanium pieces. Also, as for the femininity, a mask can only do so much. I think part of the problem is the legs. They look fine, but I associate them with Tahu.

Because of the name, I was expecting something closer to the character from Nova Orbis.
Turns out this is an entirely different person.

This MoC has a very... odd silhouette. He has very wide hips, making the shoulders look thin in comparison, making him look feminine. Also, the open balljoints on the forearms really bug me.

The golden masks are a tool for the toa to use, not their natural masks. It does not need to match their color scheme.

Plus the gold coloration is symbolic of the power of the masks. I'm pretty sure it is not intended to match any particular color scheme.

And in Ignis' story, she wears a golden mask of power.

Fair enough.

No no no no no no no. I mean, look at all the 2015 toa. Gali, Lewa, and Pohatu all have a metallic accent, silver and the other three have gold. The golden mask doesn't have to fit, but it's better if it does.

Dude, I think that was a coincidence.

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I don't think so, because those are the same metallic colors on there 2016 versions.

I honestly don't think there is any correlation between the metallic armor and the golden masks. The golden masks are just tools and the armor is just armor.

I don't know why we are still discussing this. I made it clear in Ignis' original topic that I have noted the criticisms, but I am not changing Ignis that drastically as the color scheme was a stylistic choice on my part. Plus color scheme is irrelevant when you consider that the GMOP Ignis wears is a tool for her to use and is not her natural mask.

Plus this topic is centered around Imber. I have a picture of him with Ignis just to illustrate that they are related. If you still feel the GMOP is a con, let's agree to disagree and stop discussing this here.


I got to say this looks pretty great.
Though a use of a gear function looks unnecessary.