Immoral Masks

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In Bionicle G1 lore, there are certain Kanohi mask powers that Toa consider Immoral. As there is no other comprehensive list gathered in any one place that I can find of these masks, I’m making one here. If any editors of BS01 happen upon this thread, it could be useful to add as a page to the Wiki. All information here is gathered from BS01. The ones marked, “probably” require citation for their immorality on the Wiki. Immoral status would also apply to these masks’ Noble forms. Here it goes:

Tryna, Great Mask of Reanimation
Jutlin, Great Mask of Corruption (probably)
Avsa,Great Mask of Hunger (probably)
Felnas, Great Mask of Disruption (probably)
Mohtrek, Great Mask of Time Duplication (probably)
Shelek, Great Mask of Silence (probably; I’d say, not, because Toa of Sonics also have these powers)
Crast, Great mask of Repulsion (probably)
Kraahkan, Great Mask of Shadow
Great Mask of Scavenging/Vulture
Great Mask of Aging
Mask of Inomprohension
Great Mask of Undeath
*Surprisingly, not the Great Mask of Mutation

The Following masks are not canon, but are part of @Gilahu’s Brotherhood of Makuta Community Project, and the Red Star Games RPG. All of these masks will presumably be available from them at Shapeways at some point in the future.

Lerkamoa, Great Mask of Poison
Turatatu, Great Mask of Fear
Great Mask of Amnesia
Great Mask of Viruses
Great Mask of Dulling
Great Mask of Void
Great Mask of Shadow Thralls
Great mask of Rage

If I’ve missed any, please let me know. The noncanon mask list will be updated as new masks are added to the projects in question. I hope this proves a useful resource for the Bionicle community.


I wouldn’t consider Crast an immoral mask. :thinking: It may push people and objects away, but by no means does it affect their condition in a way that would be considered immoral. Similarly I agree that Shelek isn’t an immoral mask, since it has no permanent effect.

Far as I see, the immoral stamp mostly considers masks that either (potentially) harm the living in some way or tamper with the dead.

On those terms I wouldn’t consider Jutlin immoral either, as it can’t affect organic matter.


The Crast is considered immoral because it “repels nature”, whatever that means. The Shelek is only “immoral” because it was worn by a Makuta (well, actually two). It’s not the power of the mask so much as the association, that makes it a Mask Toa won’t wear. So, technically the Shelek is only a “forbidden” mask, not actually immoral; it’s just usually lumped in with the immoral masks as a Mask Toa won’t use. The Crast is an immoral mask, even if the explanation why makes no sense.



Immoral by association, yeah, that makes sense. Happens in real life all the time.

That “repels nature” thing is an odd explanation, admittedly.

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Well, since Bionicle characters are 85•/° robotic, using the mask power on any living being would still leave them as a mass of flailing muscles and organs with no armor or bones.


Could be, though that depends on how you approach it. Are only some parts of the body organic and some purely inorganic or does every part of the body have 15% of organic essence to them? Not sure if toa/matoran anatomy has ever been verified. :thinking:


I know Greg specifically said in I think 2009 that toa are 85% robotic and 15% organic, while glatorian and agori are the opposite proportion.

Dat du’unt sit right with me

What part?

glatorian being 85% organic

You know, if it had an effect where every plant within the vicinity of the wielder withered and died, and maybe more complex organisms felt sick/uncomfortable, that could be a really cool and menacing effect that’d totally justify it’s status. Maybe plants wither because they have no way of moving away?


That’s official in the story, but was never represented in the sets to keep branding and style consistent with previous waves. At least, that seems to be the most realistic explanation.