Imoz, Herald of Future Toa

We all know that nearly all Toa were once Matoran, and we know that all Turaga were once Toa. Typically, a Turaga is made when a Toa sacrifices his or her Toa Power to make more Toa to take their place. But what happens when a Toa dies tragically before they have a chance to pass on their power to a new generation? That’s where Imoz comes in.

Imoz collects unneeded Toa Stones from generous Toa and Turaga who inhabit well-protected villages. He then seeks out Matoran villages with few or no Toa to protect them and chooses a Matoran to become new Toa. In many cases, he takes it upon himself to train the new Toa as well. In the years following the Reformation of Spherus Magna, Imoz has worked closely with the Order of Mata Nui.

Imoz is a wise and ancient being, seemingly reptilian in nature. Though short in stature, he has enough strength and speed to match the average Toa. Imoz can open portals to any pocket dimension connected to the core universe, but cannot travel to alternate timelines. He can use the compacted space in some of these pocket dimensions to traverse the universe quickly. To help him identify which Matoran are suited to become Toa, he has the power to discern any being’s moral alignment by detecting their balance of Inner Light.

Imoz carries a Rhotuka Blade and Reflector Shield. Both are made from Protosteel. His Trench Rhotuka plunges into the ground and opens a chasm beneath his foes; his Reflector Shield vibrates at such a frequency that causes any non-fragmenting projectile to bounce back at its source.

Imoz isn’t my most exciting MOC, but I’ve been told that he’s one of my more interesting characters. He’s my take on the archetypal frail-yet-powerful stock character with a hidden wisdom. I hope you like him.


This is a pretty nice and simple moc; the weapons are neat. I like the story info, it’s quite interesting.


His role, personality, and abilities are all very cool

The moc is also pretty quaint; well done overall

Hippie Rukah :peace_symbol:


I like the story concept!

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wait a minute that’s not what I meant to type

Edit: fixed it

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Anarchist Rukah


Nice job. The backstory is really good and I like the build. I’ll definetley see if I can build this

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I like that spear design!

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I like your moc and the story with it. So do Toa stones come from the fallen Toa? I’m a little confused.

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A Toa needs to be alive in order to create a Toa Stone, so they can’t come from fallen Toa. Basically, in my headcanon, if a Toa or Turaga has unused Toa Stones - or if they were unable to deliver them for any reason - then they can give them to Imoz and he’ll find suitable Matoran in a place that needs more Toa. I’m glad you like him!

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