Imperial Dropship Revamp

The Imperial Dropship is a Storm Trooper battle pack from 2008:

As a kid I loved this set, and I still love the ideas behind the design, so I decided to revamp it.


As you can see I had to use a slightly more boring colour scheme of gray.

Lots of grey.

Though I suppose this makes it look a little bit more like something the Empire would actually use.

The cockpit opens up and inside is a singular black chair and a control panel.

As you can see I’ve lost all my Imperial minifigs, so I’ll just be using the stuff I have laying around.

So Kai enlisted into an Imperial academy I guess.

The troop bay releases just like in the set.

You lift up the tail of the ship.

And it’s ready to fly away.

The troop bay fits 6 figures, 2 gunners, 2 standing, and 2 sitting. It also holds 1 crate/computer, though that space could be used to hold a 6th figure if you wanted.

I wanted to make the troop bay into a semi-permanent HQ. The basic idea is this is where the Storm trooper squadron would stay until they captured whatever rebel base they were invading. I also like to imagine multiple of these would be dropped of together at the same time.

I’m pretty happy with this MOC. Imo I successfully captured the look and feel of the original while also giving it the upgrade it deserved.


Wow. This is awesome. The silhouette is fantastic, and I love how roomy you got it. I would prefer it kept maybe the brighter color scheme of the original, but as it is it fits into the Imperial ranks.


Looks pretty great! Looks pretty close to the original.

Where did they go?

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Thanks! :slight_smile:

Some where deep in a Lego bin

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Nice! The original was my first Star Wars set.

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Now I have to rebuild that set, don’t I?


An excellent revamp of an old set. This brought back plenty of nostalgia.

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