Improved Ghekula

The original Ghekula combiner model was comprised solely of parts from Lehvak and Gahlok, and some of the connections put stress on the pieces, and others were too lose and flopped around. I also saw the Ghekula from Bionicle The Game had a kanohi miru as its chin. That got me thinking about improving the base model, and about adding a few pieces from Lewa Mata into the mix. And badabing badaboom, here he is.

Hippity Hoppity this topic is now my property. Also, fixed the eyes so they look like definitive eyes instead of weird horns that make the eye location confusing.

Gear looks better than a bright orange lever, and the second rubber band holds the Lehvak plate down over the Gahlok krana.

Function still works, and the way the miru is attached allows it to look like a mostly closed mouth, while also making sure the function doesn’t slam the miru into the face either.

Instruction video link:


For those wondering about the in-game version, here it is.

Retrieved from BS01. Technically, it’s called the Makika, which is a different rahi, however it bears a striking resemblance to the Ghekula.