Imu - Digital Art - Microsoft Paint

This was an artwork I made of Imu for One Piece. I used the latest version of MS Paint and thought of doing digital art. If there is anything I should improve on, let me know. I’d be happy to take as much criticism as needed so I could do better at polishing my art skills.


Seeing a One Piece drawing of all things on this site today was not an event that I thought could happen, but I’m happy that it did.

That is a nice rendition of the character, and an extremely accurate one at that, they only exist as a vague silhouette at this point after all. Overall, very simple, but works well, especially with the limitations that ms paint gives you


Thank you for the compliment. It was the latest version of the Updated Microsoft Paint that I sed. I was using the Brushes feature such as the natural pencil brush for the sketch, the eraser to get rid of unnecessary details, the calligraphy brush and bucket for the black coloring and filling up of the character design as well as the normal brush for the coloring of the eyes as well as the details to blend the lines into the character design.

If there is anything you can point out that I should improve on when it comes to designing the art, please let me know.