In Regards to the TTV Game Night

Hello everyone, we hoped you enjoyed talking with us today and hope you had some fun despite the difficulties. We’re glad you were all able to attend and we enjoyed the Game Night!

Originally for the game night, we planned on having a dedicated server and we were in the works of acquiring that. However, leading up to the Game Night the transaction was still pending. We still wanted of course to still have the Game Night, so @Ven was nice enough to put up the server. We knew the turnout was going to be big, but we were surprised at the number of people already on waiting before it even started! Very easily we hit the cap of 60 and had to increase that, but the issue remained that with so many people on top of the server’s location, that there was lag.

We didn’t want to end the server, call it quits (for the next five years) and leave you hanging, so fortunately enough everyone was redirected to for a little bit of fun of joining a factions server en masse. It was entertaining seeing the playerbase freak out and wonder what the heck was going on as we made the largest faction on the server. Then the admins and other players decided to cut us down like LEGO cut down BIONICLE.

We just want to apologize for those who feel they got shortchanged today! You guys are awesome for showing up and participating. We loved the numbers, keep them coming! We want you guys there again and hope to see you soon (five years) when our dedicated server is up.

Till next time!
The TTV Cast


I think you failed to remember BrickFair.

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Wait, I missed it, what was the game?

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I wasn’t there for it. : P

Playing Minecraft on the Mata Nui map.



Joining that faction server was great.

I wonder if my tower still stands…

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Despite the fact that it didn’t go to plan, it was still really fun. BonkleFTW will rise again!

Other than the insanity of the call was actually fun talking with you all. The server was also a good time.

Hope the dedicated server arrives soon

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This day will live in my fondest memories :stuck_out_tongue:

I don’t think they griefed our base. Just slayed us all…

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