In tribute to Eljay

I made this after Eljay’s leave from TTV as a tribute. He will be missed.

Self critism:

  • I didn’t shade the hair, because I was lazy.
  • The left eyebrow is a little too thick.
  • Nose looks a little odd.
  • The mouth is terrible! I can’t do mouths.
  • I missed the black spots on the plad on the left shoulder.
  • Eyes do look a little odd.
  • Background is very simplistic.

Yes, it’s pixely, that’s the style. Accept it. Also I’m too lazy to fix all those things.
Obviously enough, the scene is from the Recap FInale.


Rest in pins


and axles


Those eyes, they want our souls.

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What happened with Eljay?

He left TTV. Look for a pinned topic in the Pandemic Panda subforum.

He didn’t leave ttv they fired him

That hasn’t been officially stated. That’s a merely a rumor.
The statement makes it sound more like a mutual agreement.