In what situations is the Toa Code eschewed?

Hey Greg,

I’ve been wondering for a while if the no killing rule of the Toa Code is ever ignored in circumstances other than those we already know of (No other option). An example of such would be creatures like, Rahkshi who are beings of pure shadow who don’t express much sentience. In essence, what are the requirements that a situation or foe must have in which a Toa killing them wouldn’t strictly break the Toa Code?

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there is no toa code

######kill them all


It has been stated by Greg that in situations of war, such as the Toa-Dark Hunter war, the Toa would have been more lax when following the rules. The Metru express little issue with killing Visorak, and neither do the Rahaga- and I don’t now if it’s expressly stated that they actually killed any, but, I mean, come on. Also, The Mahri committed genocide against them later :slight_smile: