Inappropriate ads

So I recently got this ad, which I personally don't think is appropriate for the boards...

The ad "zoom down" To a woman's skimpy bra, and further down to reveal she is wearing a thong. Not to mention the "Begin your seduction visit" tagline.

I wanted to report this ad to the staff but I wasn't sure how aside from making a topic.

Anyone else getting inappropriate ads?


"3D Realistic Human Body Figures"

Yep I'd say so.


i only get stupid ads but sometimes i do see ads like this on youtube
Now excuse me as I reload the page multiple times to see if I get an ad like this.
Because I don't want to see one.

2 minutes later
Well, I found one. But google won't let me get rid of seeing it.
Oh well.

We've blocked categories that could be inappropriate, but there's unfortunately no way for us to police individual ads. A lot of ads are targeted towards an individual based on browsing habits and demographic information. We don't control any of that.


Unfortunately if your browsing habits indicate that you're a teenage boy on the internet, the ads you're going to get are going to be ones targeted at teenage boys.


Fixed Title for Spelling Error - BioSquire

Can't say that I've gotten one of these yet, but I can see why it's an issue


You can try clearing your browser cache and browsing/search history. Just be sure to write down your passwords because the auto login info will also be cleared. That's all you can really do. If there's a google ad traching logo you can flag it as innapropriate but from my experice with seeing random ads accross the web this never usually works, but occasionally it does.

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Sadly as a gamer I get a torrent of these type of ads.

My advice is to refresh the page if they are bad but whatever you do don't click them.

Even the somewhat less inappropriate games that make sidebar ads generally aren't high enough quality to bother with anyways.

After long enough ignoring the stuff my mom's browsing on the same network has caused me to get lots of adds for clothing and furniture stores.

Not my favorite ads but they are not terrible.


Same applies if you visit illegal streaming sites; often relying on the less appropriate ads because their dignity is already gone from the situation.

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Cookies man, they know what you like :stuck_out_tongue:

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I use an adblocker, though it has to be turned off on some sites as can block some images and features.

I used to get some inappropriate ads about explicit anime series (which is crazy because I've never read an anime or manga comic in my life) here, but not anymore. It's just part of the 'net.

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Ads are based on browsing habits lol

Whatcha been up to?



I haven´t been getting this ad myself, but I appreciate you going out of your way to point this out.

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Me too, but I don’t got this sort of adds. I event didn’t realize that I can find adds on the Message Boards!

These days I only get ads for the top from Inception. :stuck_out_tongue:

ads are based on browsing history

.>tfw you expose yourself



They are also based on your assumed age category as Var said.