infamous the unknown update

imfamous was a soldier with pride and honour to his family’s name but unfortunately when he was on the way back to his base the transport ship was destroyed with a hidden bomb in the engines and to this time everyone believed his is dead but they were wrong he survived the treacherous desert of all and was eventually founded by his former master. Infamous with a powerful Citrine gem embedded into his chest he stated that it was extremely painful but most rewarding by his master saving his life from his severe injuries from the incident with this gem he is now a super soldier with fly capabilities anywhere in a matter of moments he can fire energy spheres from his hands he’s very skillful with hand to hand combat and with swordsman fights

The original infamous infamous the unknown
Infamous theme song


that weapon looks pretty dangerous. he’s very lanky, not sure what to make of that. the light up head is cool. good job.

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That light up head is pretty cool, the moc is great.

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i feel like i remember there being some clear pins in certain mega blocks sets but maybe i am remembering wrong. if you could get you hands on a couple you could eliminate the black pins in the clear base part. not sure how well they would snap tho

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I appreciate the tip but unfortunately me searching for mega blocks parts are gonna be a pain in the neck for me to do

I feel so stupid. For some reason I thought you meant duplicate rather than megablox, so I just went on a wild goose chase to find clear pins on bricklink lol.

Anyway, nice moc

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That head is so good :smiley: