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That’s nice! You used the masks that have similar powers to the Infinity stones, and that really cool!

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What is the link between the Mask of Creation and the Aether?

I dunno really, but here’s the reason why I drew it like that:

@Toa_Vladin probably because they both “create”, the mask is the mask of creation and the Aether creates illusions? I dunno

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Your ‘reason’ is not valid. It’s just a screenshot with the six masks.

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pretty much. I based it on that post is what I mean, i don’t really know why the Aether is the Mask of Creation really, I never asked the person who posted it XD


I think these are both really well done and creative. As a Marvel and a Bionicle fan, I really appreciate this.

Great art! I love this idea.

For those confused, I think I could help with the connections:
Olmak and Space Stone: Both create portals to other places.
Mask of Control and Mind Stone: The MoC can control minds, the Mind Stone creates minds.
Mask of Creation and Reality Stone: This is probably the biggest stretch, but the Mask of Creation can create things while the Reality Stone creates images. It works.
Mask of Ultimate Power and Power Stone: The names are a self-explanatory reason.
Vahi and Time Stone: Vahi is the Mask of Time, the Time Stone is the Time Stone.
Ignika and Soul Stone: The Soul Stone is the most vague of the Stones, being possibly sentient? The Ignika is also sentient. This one is my favorite connection.


Well done!

You can make it better by saying that the Aether alters the user’s reality as they wish, “creating” a new reality, while the Mask of Creation literally creates things, also altering reality.

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