Infinity Gauntlet parallel to the Bionicle Universe

I know there was the “Shattered Gauntlet of Ages” in the God of War 2018 game, the Infinity Glove in Rick and Morty, as well as the Golden Fist in Ben 10 and the Fist of Suns in Magic: The Gathering. What these all have in common is that they are a reference to the Infinity Gauntlet as a either a parody or Easter Egg. If that is the case, shouldn’t there be a Infinity-gauntlet-like item in the Bionicle Universe? If so, what would this Toa tool or Matoran tool be? I ask because this would be interesting to have in the Bionicle lore where the members of the Order of Mata Nui would fight for this or some Great Beings would fight for this. So does anyone know?


The Mask of Life.

From Biosector01:

While the Kanohi Ignika has many Life-based powers, not all of them have been demonstrated. Below is a list of known examples of its powers:

  • The mask can change its form at will.[13]
  • The mask drew Vezon to itself by influencing him.[14]
  • The mask created a physical manifestation of itself to test Matoro.[5]
  • The Kanohi Ignika leaked Life energy in the form of air.[4]
  • The mask transformed the Toa Inika into the Toa Mahri.[15][16]
  • The mask changed Dekar into a duplicate of Hydraxon.[15]
  • The mask enlarged a Gadunka via leaked Life energy.[15]
  • Using the mask, Matoro was able to teleport the Toa Mahri to Metru Nui.[17]
  • The mask turned Matoro into energy that it used alongside its own powers to resurrect Mata Nui.[17]
  • The mask crafted a body for itself and for Mata Nui.[18][19][20][21][22]
  • Toa Ignika accelerated the aging of two of the Toa Nuva and Av-Matoran.[18] It has since reversed their ages back to what they should be.
  • Toa Ignika devolved Icarax from gaseous Antidermis into a biomechanical being.[18]
  • Mata Nui used the Ignika to give five Glatorian Elemental Powers.[20][21]
  • The mask can undo the effects of Energized Protodermis as seen when it devolved Tahu.[23][24]

Not necessarily, but I’ll play along because it’s still a fun concept to think about.

Off the top of my head, the closest thing to the Infinity Stones would probably be the Legendary Kanohi, but those can’t really be put into a gauntlet, nor can they be used simultaneously. Unless the “gauntlet” contains special kaita-like technology that allows its user to harness the power of multiple Kanohi simulataneously?

Other Infinity Stone-like objects could be the six pieces of the Makoki Stone or, from G2, the six pieces of the Mask Of Ultimate Power. The Makoki Stones aren’t really powerful, though, and the Mask Of Ultimate Power wouldn’t require a gauntlet.

After putting some more thought into it, I like that idea of a “Kaita Gauntlet”: a Xian- and/or Nynrah-made device that allows its user to harness the powers of three Kanohi simultaneously, provided that they have the willpower to do so. (I call it a gauntlet, but it would probably be more of a full-arm thing.)

Unlike the Infinity Gauntlet, there would likely be many Kaita Gauntlets, but the challenge would come with what Kanohi to put in them. The obvious answer would be the three Legendary Kanohi, but there are definitely some other combos that would work well together.

For example, if you could get your hands on the right Toa Disks and forge them, having Kanohi of Lightning, Iron, and Magnetism could be very powerful.

Same goes for the Mohtrek/Olmak combo discussed here:


id say legendary masks of any kind, like the og golden masks, mask of life, and the mask of time maybe? those come to mind when i think if infinity gauntlet like items!