Infinity Requiem - Universe Introduction

[details=Information]Hello, TTV Community! So I’ve decided to redo my Introduction to my Universe, because clearly, I’ve received some feedback and that some elements of my Universe didn’t sit well with you guys.

That being said the title is fixed! It’s no longer anymore Bionicle it’s just Infinity Requiem, so I hope you guys are now happy for that!

Another critique I’ve received was that my characters are too OP!..and well that is true very true.
Am I proud of that? Well, I don’t know honestly. I think I’ve put myself in a predicament where now I have to challenge myself to make OP Characters actually compelling and likable…will it work out? Well, it worked out with Superman for example, so I’ll try my best.

This story does take place on Earth, well in a different Earth of course but it will be its own thing. Will Humans exist? Well yeah, we need some innocent lives for these Gods to take care of from the Big Bad.
I’ll do my best to try to ease with the OPness and concentrate more on the story, which I will do.

Also, this series was pretty much inspired by the BioTuber called ManiaMac1613 and to ensure I’ve credited him enough here you go, there is a link:

Fun Fact: He is my favorite BioTuber of all time, I love his stuff so much it inspired me to do this, and I thank him for that.

Fair Warning: This is a Introduction, not the whole story, though I will begin from the beginning like a Bible and then create story chapters of this story when I am done with the Introduction of my Universe, and yes it is no longer a work in progress, I know what to do and I’ve fully fleshed out my Universe.

So I think I’ve mentioned everything I needed to mention so let’s get it on and I hope you enjoy it…this time.[/details]

Infinity Requiem - Lore:

In the Begining, there was nothing, but from this darkness and emptiness shined a powerful and bright light which caused the coming of a group of Thirteen Vestals which have appeared from a different dimension.

Which was said not to be affected by any laws of physics, logic, time and space, the place simply was and it was the Vestal’s home called Vestalia.

These Thirteen Godly beings were unknown to the emptiness and darkness, but from the beginning, this dark entity known as the abyss or void showed hostile intent towards these Vestals but soon it realized that the upcoming battle was not worth it.

The Thirteen Vestals had one goal only to create life and so they did, they fought back the emptiness and darkness by creating life where there was a solar system there were more, where there was a galaxy there were more and where there was a universe there where also more which all began to grow in a huge multiverse created by those Thirteen Beings.

In this vast and large multiverse, there was a significant big blue planet which soon grew to attract those Thirteen Beings’ attention and right after it became Earth, however a strange Earth than the one we are used to knowing.

In this Earth, there were different species and races of mortals, some more powerful than the other and some weaker than the other but they all lived in harmony.
It wasn’t till that day when Earth finally has reached its age of 100 millennials that these Beings finally showed themselves and they were called and known as followed:

  • Denon, the Vestal of Valour and Truth

He is the Leader of the Group which leads his fellow brethren in battle with great courage, he is known to have sympathy towards the humans and mortals alike so he sometimes grants them great courage to do the necessary thing.

And he will always find the Truth no matter what, being from a Vestal or from a Mortal he will always find and know the Truth, he is always careful with Etar when Etar uses his powers for, Denon alone is the only one besides a few to discover the lies behind his words.

  • Vadus, the Vestal of Time and Space

Vadus is the Time Traveler, he travels through time and space and he is also very known to be its protector, for he knows space without time will equal immediately into chaos and vice versa, he sometimes strains himself from seeing the future for the future is not set.

Because Vadus spends most of his time in time he speaks in a very ancient dialect only his brethren can understand, he refrains himself from the humans and mortals because he cannot grand their wish for he cannot bend the laws of time because of their wish, however he gladly speaks with the others to help those in need.

  • Cavmos, the Vestal of Knowledge and Wisdom

Cavmos holds great Knowledge and Wisdom nothing to him is unknown, he knows everything he is all-knowing, he usually helps mortals if their wish is to become smarter in life and in making decisions, he sometimes grants a random mortal the gift of Knowledge, however, every insignificant to his current status but in the eyes of the people that chosen one is a Genius.

  • Imera, the Vestal of Creation

She mostly helped her brothers out when they created the Multiverse and everyone in it, creation is her thing and she is very creative about it, being able to create godkiller weapons to the moons, stars, planets, galaxies and even universes.

She also grew to be very found of the humans, sometimes she grants them their wish if they so asked, she is also known to interact with a few, however longer than her time restrain and it could cause trouble for she has work to do and maintain the balance of creation.

She also grew to like Darkseid even more than just a friend and right after became her love interest, however not officially together they do love each other but they never really spoken and opened up about it.

  • Urus, the Vestal of Realities

Urus is the protector of Realities nothing goes done without his awareness, he can warp realities and destroy them at his will, he can also turn mortals and other beings into different realities of themselves if he so chooses, however, it is not possible to do it with a Vestal but other lower beings than themselves he can, so he is not be messing with.

  • Horos, the Vestal of Mystical Arts

Mystical Arts are his thing being able to create cosmic-like destructing abilities which are able to shatter a universe into pieces, he mostly likes to watch over mortals and sometimes use magic to make the kids happy if he feels like it but he has a duty to protect the Realities if Urus ever failed to do so.

  • Enir, the Vestal of Justice and Judgment

Enir a close friend with Imera and the second female Vestal in the Group, has a very strong sense of Justice and to her Injustice is despicable and not tolerable that is why she is also the Vestal of Judgment for if she sees that injustice is done towards anyone she will strike those with great Judgment.

She is the one which helped Earth to first Govern the very first Democratic System and till then no one has ever dared to break her commands for the penalty was unlike anyone has ever seen.

  • Edses, the Vestal of War

Edses a more of a serious guy in the group, he feeds of the Wars, for now feeding of the War between them and the darkness and emptiness is enough, he is always kept close in check for if he does it frequently he’ll start to use his powers and create War.

Thankfully he never tried that and he is only using his powers when the Vestals are at war with someone, for he truly cares about the mortals and his brethren.

  • Athos, the Vestal of Creatures

Athos is the more bestial looking type as he is the King of Creatures and every creature in the Multiverse bows before his grandeur, he cares more about the Creatures than the mortals so he takes very good care of them treating them like if they were his children.

  • Miros, the Vestal of Life

Miros usually works closely with Athos and Imera, because every time Imera creates a new universe the others must fill it with life itself and creatures alike.

Miros can also grand mortals a better life as he takes away their sorrowfulness and makes them more confident and helps them throughout to achieve a decent life.

  • Etar, the Vestal of Silvertoungse and Lies

Etar has a tendency to be eloquent and persuasive in speaking, so much so that he can immediately persuade someone with his Silver Tounge and do his bidding, he can use it when he starts to lie making it so hard to separate the truth from the lie that he is always kept in check by Denon for he can immediately realize what the truth and lie is.

He also likes to pull pranks on mortals as he uses his persuasiveness and lies to make them do things to each other which always makes him laugh but again Denon always interferes and keeps him in check, he eventually stopped doing that and now more than ever spends his time with Denon.

  • Oros, the Vestal of Tranquility

Being the Protector of Peace sometimes doesn’t always sit that well with Oros, he usually bends it to his will and fights for the Peace with force if he absolutely needs to, if he doesn’t need to do so he won’t go that far.

He is well-known to have interacted with mortals very often sometimes so much so he spends decades with them, protecting them and telling them stories and he always promised to ensure a secured multiverse.

  • Darkseid, the Vestal of Darkness

Darkseid the most powerful Vestal ever existed for a very long time, his brethren knew he was somewhat dark and unstable at times but at first, he proved to care about the humans and he was tasked to protect all of the mortal worlds which he so gladly did.
He mostly protected the mortal world from the emptiness and destruction, he didn’t always communicate with them but time to time he let them know that under his watch they will survive, that was the goal his brethren entrusted him with, the most important of them all,…however, one day his goal was corrupted.

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[details=4.543 billion years after the Great Act.]

4.543 billion years after the Great Act.

The Multiverse was a paradise, the Vestals were proud of themselves and then they finally decided that they could have some rest.
Darkseid, Edses, Urus, and Vadus were protecting the barrier between the multiverse and the emptiness and darkness.
Till this day they couldn’t figure out how it broke through their barrier, but never the less they fought against it. To the four Vestals it was considered to be a victory but when they were called by Denon himself, their smiles quickly dropped.
Denon discovered that the emptiness and darkness corrupted their creation and the so-called Great Curse was spread upon it.
They couldn’t believe such a thing, but the fact that mortals were starting to be affected by this Great Cruse, it was enough evidence for them, Edses, Urus and Vadus took the news with a heavy heart, however, Darkseid wasn’t ready to give up, not yet.
He traveled towards the barrier without his brethren’s approval, he opened the barrier and walked inside the void of emptiness and darkness while closing the barrier.
For him it was confusing as to why it didn’t attack him, to be frank, Darkseid himself came there to seek answers by himself. From all the Vestals he wanted to understand this thing called the void, so that next time they might make peace with one another and find a common truce which would enable them to coexist.

Darkseid would eventually find himself on a dark, forgotten land, it gave him an ominous feeling. As he looked around a tree was in front of him only that it was a few miles in the distance, he starts to walk up to it and eventually he reached it.

Make no mistake for the tree was as tall or even better said taller than the towering Godly Giant Darkseid. An intriguing thought struck him out of nowhere, he wondered what this tree is, as a silent whispering voice could be heard talking into his ear, the voice said that it was the Tree of Knowledge, forgotten by everything and everyone else, that is if there was anything, Darkseid didn’t know that this was all a lie a trick to tempt him, which was all orchestrated by the emptiness.
Darkseid a bit skeptical at first he places his hand on the tree trunk saying that he wants to know the Truth, he wants to know how can he save Life and bring balance to the Multiverse and save the mortals from their extinction, once a noble cause now turned, dark, and twisted, Darkseid was overwhelmed with many possible outcomes and scenarios on how Life would end or survive but not without sacrifices.
Darkseid’s once pure innocent and caring red eyes turned into a crimsoned and darken red color full of hatred before he could be fully taken away, Urus interfered saving Darkseid by Denon’s direct orders. At first, they were mad that Darkseid didn’t even bother to mention his plans but soon their anger turned into worries, worrying about their brother and his well-being.
Only by a miracle, Darkseid managed to come back to himself and ensure his brethren that he was now safe and okay, but little did they know that it was just the beginning for him…[/details]

[details=The War of the Vestals, 8.844 billion years after the Great Act.]

The War of the Vestals, 8.844 billion years after the Great Act.

Throughout this time Darkseid struggled with his inner demons, sometimes having dramatic episodes where he loses himself and becomes someone totally different, he has hidden this from his brethren for many billions of years but now it was time, time for Darkseid’s secret to come out.
However, when Darkseid was about to tell this to his brethren, he found out that they were needed back in Vestalia and because of that Darkseid refused to tell them after what he heard, he told them that it was nothing and that they should concentrate on their affairs and because no one was available besides Darkseid he took the burden upon himself to watch over the Multiverse and specifically the Universe where Earth was.

Apparently, the trip back home in Vestalia took more than just a few minutes, it felt like hours for Darkseid his constant pull to his evil self got stronger and stronger every time he tried to face it, Darkseid had a strong will, however, even the greatest of Titans one day submit and submit he did.
And from now on that day was the day where the old Darkseid died and the new one was born. He then lands on Earth, the mortals were living with themselves peacefully to his surprises, but when he continued to look through the fake facade he saw countless wars and unnecessary death and wrongdoings,
Yes they were some which tried to live a righteous and just life but the evil outgrow the good and for Darkseid, a small percentage of good compared to a big percentage of bad was not worth saving, so he uses powers first to destroy the earth and everyone living in it, he then continues to spread about the Destruction of the Multiverse, killing habitable planets after planets he seemed unstoppable the mortals which were found of Darkseid now angered at him as to why he did those things soon as well perished.

Darkseid was apologizing while he was destroying what he and his brethren so hard worked for, not even giving it a second thought. He explained that he found it to be necessary for mortal life was now a virus threatening Life itself and they need to die for they are a long way from redemption.
As all hope seemed lost the remaining twelve Vestals appeared, shocked and mad at the same time as to what Darkseid was currently doing, he tried to explain himself but Imera, his closest friend and once a love interest charges at him with anger in her eyes, he told her to forgive him as he opens his hands and from it came a powerful cosmic blast burning through her as she was then knocked out.
Before any of the other Vestals could react Vadus the Vestal of Time, he then snapped his fingers and so everything that Darkseid has done was undone, bringing every mortal life he took back from the dead, the mortals wouldn’t realize a thing only to have but a strange feeling inside them but then quickly returned back to what they were doing.

But Vadus’s attempt to bring everyone back succeeded yes but not without its fair consequence, his right arm which he snapped his finger with was severely burned and he was in a weakened state, thanks to Miros, Vadus’s pain was somewhat eased but his injuries didn’t disappear, because it took the power of Thirteen Vestals to create the Multiverse, the attempt of bringing a quarter of it back was even to the Vestals suicide.
Darkseid told them to stay back or there will be consequences for their ignorant actions, he explained himself and his view about the mortals, that they don’t deserve to live that they are now corrupt and it is Darkseid’s job now to keep the Multiverse the most beautiful place in existence safe and at all cost.

And then…a battle unraveled unlike the universe has ever seen, shots of dark, purple-ish colliding with the combined power of the ten remaining Vestals. Till this day many think that Darkseid was heartless when he battled his brethren, but that is not the truth, the battle hurt himself more than it did with his brethren. They were going back and forth at each other with none stopping, they were moving faster than the speed of light and sounds, from each shot they threw at each other a loud cracking sound could be heard and colorful waves of energy colliding against each other spreading through the Universe.
From a long and harden fought battle which appeared to have lasted a while, the remaining of all of the Twelve Vestals combined their powers for a final counter, this wave of a cosmic omnipotent blast, blasted through Darkseid, finally, the now so-called, Mad Vestal was finally defeated.
Unfortunately, they knew that they couldn’t kill Darkseid, even if they tried, it would go against their morals and code. Denon simply because out of mercy he decided with the vote of his brethren to imprison Darkseid in a specialized realm designed for sustaining Darkseid when they imprisoned him, he vowed upon his life that one day he will come back and that he will finish, what he has started.[/details]

[details=Roughly 300 years after the Darkseid Incident.]

Roughly 300 years after the Darkseid Incident.

The now renewed group of remaining Vestals called The Twelve did everything in their power to make it so that the Darkseid Incident did not happen, but they had to reveal the Truth to the Multiverse and now Darkseid is a well hated godly being.
Though not sure what it might have cost to save the Multiverse and banish Darkseid for good, at least there was peace ironically speaking since Darkseid was right about one thing, that the mortals are cursed and diseases, death, and other terrible things were cast down upon them, now it was a battle of survival, mind, and spirit, who would win? the good? or evil?
Those were the questions from the Vestals which sadly till this day are not answered, so Oros took it upon himself to find those answers and cure Darkseid and bring him back…for Imera, because she has never been the same ever since, heartbroken and depressed she hasn’t spoken a single word with them ever since the Incident happened.
Oros knew what he was going up against so he traveled through the Multiverse, through his traveling he met an old and very wise being, he was a mortal at that but a wise one nevertheless, Oros and this old man exchanged words but when the old man finally spoke up about something which Oros was seeking, it immediately caught his attention.
This old man spoked of a forgotten world, one that not even to the Vestals is known, the thought made Oros chuckle but the old man was right, this world was called the EndWorld and to find its mysteries and answers one must enter into the void and follow the path, this made Oros a bit skeptical at first and he asked if that was the only way to travel there and the old man said that it is the only way known.

Oros had no choice but to do it he said farewell to the old man and then he made his way into the void, at his surprise it did not attack him. For the Vestals the void was always strange to them one day it might attack them and the other day it wouldn’t even bother doing so.
Oros eventually finds the path, still skeptical if this is the true path to the EndWorld, one might say he just took a leap of faith and walked upon the path, from hours of traveling he would find a gate, he opens it and enters EndWorld.
EndWorld looked peaceful in its own way, big islands were floating randomly without purpose, on those floating island to each one there was a huge tall tree with yellowish tan color for leaves and the trunk was tan brown.
For a few quick moments Oros admired the view before turning his attention to what he has come here to do, to find answers that he seeks, the place was full with landscapes but it appeared to be more of a wasteland than anything else, nevertheless he still continued on with his search, eventually he entered into a large ravine, larger than him and very wide, 10 miles apart to be exact and in front of him in the distance, he would stubble upon The Forgotten Kingdom.

The greenish dark bushes were half as big as him and the Castle towered over him, it was much bigger than he was, it was as if a man was looking at a giant redwood tree.
To his attention, it accrued that the EndWorld seemed to be much bigger than he would originally have anticipated, he started to walk towards this Castle, underneath his feet there was water flowing pass through, he didn’t mind it and walked towards the gate, he touches it with his right hand and to his surprise it opened, revealing a long hallway with other gateways, but not just any other gateways, they assumingly looked like portals.
Oros just wondered why this place was not written in the ancient texts of the Vestals, what being in the universe wouldn’t want for them to know about a place such as this, so many questions and no answers.
As he looked around he found a much bigger portal than the rest, it was mostly a circle round shape and behind it there was a wall, the portal was deactivated, curiosity got the best of him so he tried to activate it but to no avail, this surprised Oros he then decided to walk away…but, the portal opened, the portal was closed for many thousands of billions of years, it needed some time to work fluidly again.
The portal’s gateway was mostly a mixture of green, light blue, and cyan, and from it, a swarm of different beings erupted from it as if they were locked into a prison and now that they are free they began evading it.

The swarm of unknown beings was so many that eventually through the long hall Oros and they got out of the Castle, Oros enraged by this unexpected event, he let out a powerful cosmic purging energy wave blast vaporizing some of them till they eventually stopped and landed on the ground and were eyeing the Vestal, the EndWorld had the effect of making each being the exact same equal size which to Oros was another unexpected surprise, he asked them who they are and then one of the powerful beings in the group, stepped out and spoke up.
He told Oros that they were the Kaethrani, energy beings which either live off of mortals by becoming their host bodies, absorbing energy from the sun or from the planet’s core, the origin was unknown even to them but he said that they come from a galaxy where the natural rules of physics did not exist and that they are going to achieve godhood and enslaving every mortal in existence to further their quest for power.

At that moment Oros has had enough and sends a black hole at the Kaethrani which they counter-attacked with their combined powers but Oros was a God, they were not, they were considered to be Demi-Gods but that is insignificant to a powerful being such as a Vestal.
The black hole sucked up a few waves of Kaethrani and so their battle continued for hours, they proved to be a real pestilence and that the only way to stop them is to eradicate them. Oros did not want this, but he knew when he saw evil and when to destroy it, eventually, the many hoards of Kaethrani were dying out and there was only half of what they originally were.
With a final act, Oros uses some of his true power to then create a massive explosion which blinded everything, in that time Oros closed the portal which allowed them to escape and then trapped the Kaethrani in EndWorld for good, Oros would find himself in his universe, he then immediately realized what happened, through the battle Oros did not realize that he was injured, he thought of it as a strange phenomenon, however, his true thoughts were on those beings which called themselves the Kaethrani, what if they would escape EndWorld? What if they get to their universe and bring about the Age of Chaos the Twelve so hard fought against?
Again that day brought many questions with little answers, but Oros knew that the Kaethrani wouldn’t be able to free themselves, they lacked godhood and even so Oros was waiting for them if that day will happen…

…in the dimension where Darkseid was trapped, he was sitting on his throne, he made this dimension a Kingdom rather than a prison, his red eyes opened and then chuckled, because of the Kaethrani now Darkseid had a plan, one that will succeed and one that will free him from his so-called prison, for him it was just a matter of time.[/details]

[details=Roughly 100 years after the Kaethrani Discovery]

Roughly 100 years after the Kaethrani Discovery

Now it was the time to strike, Darkseid has grown very powerful in his imprisonment, now he did not fear EndWorld as his brethren did as he welcomed it, for it showed the truth of all things and now he is ready to accomplish and finish what he has so long started.
Darkseid stands up and walks away from his throne, he then used his powers to escape this prison he would meet two guards capable enough to face a Vestal, but now Darkseid was more powerful than they could imagine with a simple look at them, their heads explode.
He was then making his way towards EndWorld to free the Kaethrani, while he traveled there he remembered the years he endured, the years of hatred, pain, and suffering, from them all he mostly missed Imera but he now knew that she will never love him again, so he used that anger to better himself in the exile, healing his wounds and becoming more powerful than before he was the Reckoning the Vestals now feared, he will crush them under his foot and will become the True King of the Multiverse and rule upon it.
After his river of thoughts ended he arrived at EndWorld and landed in front of the Castle, he looked around only to find the Kaethrani were taking refuge there, somewhere trying to provide a plan to escape but to no avail, and that’s were Darkseid appeared before them. The Kaethrani wanted to fight right then and there but Darkseid stopped them with a single motion of his hand, he told them that he didn’t want to fight them but rather help them in achieving godhood, his words were now tempting the Kaethrani so much so it made Etar’s use of his silver-tongue powers a mere trick compared to the real thing.
The Kaethrani were about to accept it but not without some questions of their own as to what Darkseid could possibly want in return.

Darkseid told them that he only wants their complete obedience and loyalty to his side, he explained to them that his brethren have cast him out and turned against him and now he wants revenge and if they help, he will help them achieve the status as real Gods, and so the Kaethrani and the Dark Vestal had a deal.
He opened a portal and transported the remaining Kaethrani in his dimension, he told them that now his prison is now his Kingdom and that he rules over it and the Vestals now have no saying in it.
Darkseid did not waste any time and he quickly made use of the Kaethrani and in an unexpected visit the Kaethrani were causing havoc and destruction on Earth while Darkseid was fighting against Oros and the rest of the Vestals, he proved to be more capable in taking out the rest of his brethren even his love interest Imera, the dual between Darkseid and Oros was fast paste while they continued their battle on earth the Kaethrani were causing further bloodshed than needed, thankfully some heroes and other powerful races tried to keep up with them but they proved to be powerful than expected.
Darkseid and Oros seemed to be equal in strength their fight continued on which then rendered five whole universes completely into the void of life, Darkseid wondered how Oros could match his strength for so long but nevertheless, he was going to continue this battle till he won, before they could continue Cavmos appeared with an ancient book, they exchanged views towards each other, Darkseid questioned why Cavmos came back and he told him that their battle will destroy the Multiverse if they continued like this and so Cavmos opened the book and it showed that a truce is needed between them for the sake of Creation.
Darkseid was listening and so did Oros, the Accords are as followed: The Multiverse it’s the winner’s prize, however, Darkseid and Oros are not allowed to get themselves involved against each other for the sake of the Multiverse or else no one will ever be victories.

Darkseid wasn’t so quick to accept, Oros, on the other hand, did accept this. As it would seem Darkseid had no real choice but to accept because it was the ancient law of the Vestals and defying that it would defy his status as a God. Eventually, Darkseid and Oros came to an accord that one day they will battle again with everything they’ve got and that there will be only one winner till then there will be peace between them.
They both accepted and agreed on the accords, Darkseid teleported himself and the Kaethrani back to their dimension, the Kaethrani were enraged and demanded answers which in return Darkseid told them to calm down or else they will suffer his infinite wrath, he then began explaining that he had a plan, a plan which will make them win in the long run for he now understood that slow and steady wins the race…[/details]

[details=In the Present of the year 2017 - The Accords.]

In the year of 2017 - The Accords.

After these countless years of battle and suffering, there was peace, to say the least. The damage of Darkseid’s doing was repaired soon, the people started to forget about it, however, his actions will not be forgotten.
The Kaethrani sometimes attacked but were countered by a special force of devoted people called the Zenthronians which closely worked with the Vestal Oros.
And speaking of Vestals there was a new little addition to the Vestal’s group, Dormmamu the Vestal of Destruction, he might be kind at heart but his job is to destroy the universes which are corrupt and cannot be saved anymore, he lived for this and had no problem with it, he did the dirty work for the Vestals so to speak.
Though not very found of the mortals he still respected them but didn’t interact much with them in the course of history only when absolutely necessary. The Kaethrani at some point were stopped from causing destruction every once in a while since their forces were dwindling thanks to Oros, Dormmamu and sometimes the newly reformed group called the Furious.

They also got help from rouge Kaethrani which called himself, the Phantom Kaethrani and was responsible for the creations of the Requiem Warriors, very powerful beings which were created with one goal only to hunt down and kill the Kaethrani, sometimes they’ve been compared with the Kaethrani, in a way it made sense that they were somewhat similar to them because in the end the Requiem Warriors were created by a Kaethrani with the help of Oros of course and with only his guidance.
Only a few were chosen to become Requiem Warriors while the others were simply created by their creator and alas there are the Wraiths or Raths depends how you want to call them, they are zombie-like creatures but much much intelligent than one might think and their powers variate from mystical powers to energy or telekinesis.

Oros was having the most of hard times for he needed something to defeat Darkseid once and for all, though with sadness in his heart because every time he talked with Imera he couldn’t help but remember about him, he knew he wasn’t able to stop Darkseid, if the power of the combined Twelve Vestals didn’t stop him then what chance does he have against him?
Thoughts hit him like a river so he started to think, to think of a plan, the Multiverse needed a savior, and that savior couldn’t just be a Vestal because Vestals are not really humans. So when he looked into the pool of answers he saw a young man by the name of Connor but ultimately was named Scar had the potential of being that savior, however he was a long road away from godhood, with a bit of help he might achieve that status and bring about the end of Darkseid once and for all.
So from this day, Oros has been watching Scar, testing him and sometimes protecting him, he might have not been his first call but alas a somewhat of a plan is better than nothing.

Darkseid was planning as well, sometimes his fellow Kaethrani grew to be impatient and reckless in battle because of that, he told them that slow and steady wins the race in this but if they want to be wiped out from the face of existence then they are his guests to do so.
Darkseid lied to them that day, that the Kaethrani will become gods because he saw that they lacked to do what is necessary to become a god and that they didn’t have it in them but they were fooled enough to believe his lies and they continued serving him and doing his battle for him till one day the upcoming final battle the Armageddon of all things will begin…[/details]

Infinity Requiem Races:

[details=The Vestals]In this Universe the Vestals are Gods, they are Omnipotent, Omnibenevolence but some do sub come to the evil as Darkseid did, and some are Omnipresence and Omniscience but that’s sometimes a rare thing.

They are huge walking giants which embody every representation of God. They are responsible for the creation of the Multiverse and it’s their duty to protect it, no matter the cost.
It is pretty much impossible to kill a Vestal, only a Vestal could kill a Vestal and even that it is not guaranteed.
And there are two types of Vestals first are the Alpha Vestals, those are naturally born like Oros, Dormammu, and the remaining eleven which posses and control their virtually immeasurable powers from the moment they achieve consciousness.

Proto-Vestals, on the other hand, are somewhat different, and they are much rare. They are born mortal but somehow manage to achieve the kind of limitless powers that Vestals possess through unnatural means.
Though their powers tend to be unstable, they are actually more dangerous than Alpha Vestals because they are far more unpredictable.

Their God abilities are reality-altering powers plus their immeasurably long life. The Vestals can choose what sort of powers they could use and be specialized in, some of the Vestals like creation as they are helping to spread life throughout the Infinite numbers of vast different Universes across the Multiverse.

Others are choosing their powers only for combat as some of them become Protectors of their Home Planet called Vestalia or Guardians of the Multiverse as they hold the dark forces off.

And there are others which chose to be specialized in a certain aspect of their own choosing.
For example, Oros uses his powers for war against the Kaethrani threat, Darkseid and the Emptiness and Darkness, as he and the others are protecting the Multiverse from being corrupt even more than before as Oros did wipe out a few Worlds to ensure peace.

Dormammu is their executioner which there are really not found off because when he is sent to do his job, there isn’t much left. Because he is the one Vestal entrusted with destructive powers which can eradicate whole Universes.
He is known to destroy and wipe clean three total Universes in the main Multiverse, clearly making him the most fearsome Vestal there is.
But do not make a false conclusion about them, yes they are Gods, yes they possess immeasurable powers, they fight for what they believe is right and they will do everything in their power to cure the curse set upon the Multiverse and bring upon the Age of Peace, even if they have to get their hands dirty even though not all of them think like this, some believe that granting second chances is the better way instead of annihilating an entire Universe while others believe that through force they will gain peace.[/details]

[details=The Kaethrani]Kaethrani originally comes from a different galaxy which was closed off of the Multiverse by unknown intervenience in EndWorld where the natural laws of physics time and space are bend to their will.
The Mortals usually call these aliens Demi-Gods which they might be but they are not unstoppable, they are energy beings which don’t have a physical body.
However, they have energy fluid bodies. Each Kaethrani has their own distinct attributes on how they want to live, some of them prefer feeding of mortal’s life energy, sucking them clean as their lifeless bodies fall to the ground in pale and grey color.

Others prefer to feed of solar energy, meaning they like taking energy from one of the Solar Systems Sun. The rarest and strongest of the Kaethrani drain energy from the core’s planet, although they gain immeasurable powers it is not with its flaws

If a Kaethrani absorbs the energy of the core’s planet, then the respective Kaethrani must stay to his planet for the years he has absorbed it, to stabilize its core.
Basically, if a Kaethrani absorbs the planet’s core for 50 years, then in return that Kaethrani must stay 50 years inside the planet’s core and stabilize it for those 50 years.

It is the price to pay for a power which can destroy an entire solar system, that is why a few brave, strong and patient Kaethrani choose to gain destructive powers.
Besides those Kaethrani which prefer absorbing mortals, suns, and planet’s core. There are others who prefer to possess a mortal body or a robotic body.
To do their bedding with relative ease in a robotic body. In a mortal body, the Kaethrani must come to a conclusion on who takes control over the mind, but mostly the mortals don’t stand a chance over the Kaethranies mental attacks.

Only those who have their brains already damaged or are practically insane are not that easy to control thus giving a hard time for the Kaethrani to take control.
Some of the Kaethrani have been given indestructible armor by an ancient race which worshiped them as gods but now are long extinct.

The Kaethrani might seem to be unstoppable but their power source can run out and thus making them weaker their only defense is their armor, but that too can get weak and practically destroyed if attacked too much.
That is their only weakness that Kaethrani have is that they need an energy source to sustain themselves.
The Kaethrani have one goal, their goal is to become godly beings and rule over mortals and thus wanting to be worshiped.

Currently, the Kaethrani are being helped and lead by a fallen Vestal called Darkseid, their powers have increased and are more destructive than before thanks to him.
Their goal is the same as Darkseid’s goal to destroy Oros and take control over creation but also become gods.[/details]

[details=Requiem Warriors and Wraiths/Raths]Requiem Warriors beings of incredible powers were created by a rouge Kaethrani which likes to call himself the Phantom Kaethrani.
These Requiem Warriors were created for only and one goal to hunt and kill the remaining Kaethrani which escaped EndWorld with the help of Darkseid.
The Requiem Warriors variate from different sizes but mostly they are tall as a Kaethrani which that would mean that they tower over normal humans.

Also, there are the Wraiths or Raths depending on how you want to call them, have been created as well by the Phantom Kaethrani with the help and supervision of Oros which in return he told Oros the most vial weaknesses a Kaethrani has.

Requiem Warriors possess incredible powers even matching or to better put it surpassing the Kaethrani’s powers, posing a real challenge to the Kaethrani as the Requiem Warriors are specialized in killing them.
However, the legends of the old are just legends because there hasn’t been another Requiem Warrior for quite some time.
Some say that one day a chosen champion will rise and become this one powerful being but a say is in the and a say…

The Wraiths are zombie-like creatures resurrected from the dead by Requiem Warriors they are immortal meaning they can’t die of age and they can’t really die.
The only way you can get rid of them is to destroy their bodies because if there is only a limb still remaining, they can regenerate in a matter of seconds.

The Wraiths/Raths’s powers variate from energy, mystical, telekinesis and so on. They are as dangerous as the Requiem Warriors or perhaps even more dangerous since they can’t die, unlike a Requiem Warrior.
They too have been called extinct but some are still alive waiting for the next attack from the Kaethrani.

How does one become a Wraith/ Rath exactly? Well some are created by the Phantom Kaethrani or that specific Requiem Warrior at that time kills someone and in return, the Warrior brings that man alive back from the dead as his Wraith/Rath.[/details]

[details=Ysmaens]The Ysmaen are a strong race with few even becoming Demi-Gods but that is rarely the case.
Each Ysmaen possess incredible speed, strength, agility, cleverness, a super healing factor which has now been known to have 10 stages, stamina, reflexes, immunity and etc.
Mostly their Healing Factor is their true source of incredible strength, though Ysmaen already do possess strength from birth that increases as they are using their Healing Factor.
The Ysmaen Healing Factor can make a Ysmaen 1 to 4 times stronger than they were before, increasing their abilities making them, even more, stronger and powerful then they were before.

Thanks to Bambu he has unlocked and discovered that the Ysmaen Healing Factor has a 10th Stage, making a Ysmaen 10 times stronger than before reaching Demi-God standards.
Though Bambu was truly the only one of his race to ever achieve that goal which to others seems to be almost impossible, one must dedicate their entire life to it.
Bambu did so. it took him most of his young life till he reached middle age of an adult, but his powers were taken away from him thanks to Yorm which scared Bambu for life leaving him with a level 5 Ysmaen Healing Factor.
Naturally, that is still an incredible achievement because only that is the actual limit of other Ysmaen people if they try to go harder they would eventually die trying.

Now, what can the Ysmean Healing Factor do? Well, it can regenerate destroyed tissue and can heal a broken body in a matter of hours and it does make the Ysmean naturally immune to diseases.

In simple words, they are pretty much Deadpool though they are not crazy like him and don’t talk smack or talk in general that much like he does.
Though their Healing Factor is not the exact same as Deadpool it is still close enough, level 10 healing factor it’s insanely too overpowered if only an organ or just a spectacle of dust left as their bones are destroyed then can regenerate in a matter of seconds with ease.
That is one of the traits these new healing factor can grand the user and besides that, there are many demi-gods like abilities one has at his disposal the Ysmaen are easily the Strongest Race the Earth has to offer not including the Requiem Warriors or Wraiths/Raths.

Ysmaen don’t look too different from the normal people, however, sometimes they might appear alien in nature, they mostly like to live in peace and harmony with each other and having violence as a last result.

The Ysmaen live where one might say Russia is now called Ysmeania and their capital city is called, Ysdack City[/details]

[details=The Sentino Metallico ]Sentino Metallico are metal/highly intelligent/robotic/mechanical beings.
Since from birth they naturally possess incredible speed, strength, intellect, force, power, might, and a very tough build.
Almost impossible to destroy with ordinary weapons, only advanced pieces of technology are able to put a dent in their armor and in the end d able to kill them.

Sentino Metallico people are not naturally born, they come from a well of souls since they are robotics they call it a spark. They don’t reproduce, they just simply come from the well of sparks.
Sentino also possesses incredible lifespans matching that up to the Ysmaen, though it is not guaranteed sometimes some do achieve very long life spans.
Sentino Metallico also like to involve themselves with wars, as they send a few soldiers to end some useless wars.
They work in their own government, they don’t accept, covert ops, special ops or black ops and any kind of military from other countries. In their own view, they see that they are doing fine and that they don’t need help.

But that will not help when the Kaethrani will strike their country down as they did with others.
Sentino Metallico can do pretty much what humans and other mortals can’t, the impossible into possible, they are the equivalent to a super soldier which was granted a special serum.
Some of them have energy fields onto their body as sometimes they glow into a translucent color, it enhances already their found might, strength and power. Also, they can channel their power through other things, weapons, cars, planes, everything thing and anything which is made out of technology.
They can bend metals to their will and can take control over any other technology in this world. They too possess a treat to those Kaethrani which have a metal body or armor.

Sentino Metallico look like highly advanced robots with reaching heights matching the Ysmaen and are a bit taller than the ordinary human.
Some of the Sentino Metallico do have a hot-headed temper and that could come to some problems down the line if not careful enough, though not their entire race is like that some are peaceful but there are many which prefer an old fashion fist fight into resolving their problems.

The Sentino Metallico live on where one might say Africa is now called Sentiopa and their capital city is called Sentio Monaco.[/details]

[details=The Luterians]Luterians is a race of small people smaller than the ordinary humans, however, their strength is not in their size rather in their superhuman speed and agility.
However, there are not many Luterians which posses the superhuman speed some do some don’t.
The ones which do possess it they either join the military or join the fight against the Kaethrani as their super speed and agility proved to be quite useful against them in battle.
Mike is known to be the fastest luterian alive matching the speed of light if he needed to, you could say that he has the speed force and that his lightning color is rather pure red than anything else.

Very few of the luterians possess this kind of abilities, Mike just got to be like that such power was bestowed on him as he uses it to fight Kaethrani
The Luterians are small and don’t look that similar to the humans as they appear to be alien in nature.

The Luterians hate when someone calls them short, yes perhaps it might be the truth but you don’t need to outright tell that in the face, in innocent someone called the president of Luteria short and they almost started a WW because of that, thanks to the Zenthronians that did not happen, so short said don’t call them short if you want to have a head.

The Luterians are where one might say Australia is which is now called Luteria and their capital city is called Luthven City.[/details]

[details=The Zenthronians]The Zethronians are a race of mortals but they are not quite human in their gens, as they sometimes enchase themselves for the betterment of the world and to better hope to stand a chance against the Kaethrani.

The Zenthronian Empire is called Zenthronia it is one of the most larges Empire and Land in the whole entire world and they have the complete authority over the Earth.
Their powers so to speak is the capability to influence people to do their bidding and in return, they might get some coin out of the deal.
Unfortunately, the Zenthornians don’t have powers but they have high pieces of advanced technology which help them in a battle against the Kaethrani such as Project Toys Soldier and Project Rebirth.

Project Toys Soldier is meant to have mechanical robots with high destructive capabilities to go against the Kaethrani, which succeeded in the very end but now the project is mere dead because it was proven that the Kaethrani can take control over the androids and so they thought it was a waste of their money and resources.

Project Rebirth is a project which involved genetical mutation to create powerful monsters which do the Zenthronian bedding and can kill a Kaethrani the strongest of the creatures is the Nightmare Dragon, however, it hasn’t been active ever since.

The Zenthronians are at war with the Kaethrani and they need to do everything in their power to ensure that Zenthronia will not fall to them at all costs and that is why it has received help from Bambu with the help of the group of warriors called the Furious and their powerful deities Oros and Dormammu.

So to speak the most powerful Zenthronians are the Z.I.S Agents which enhance themselves to grow far stronger and faster than before, being able to kill 6 people under a minute without breaking a sweat and run 60 kmh or mph in literally minutes.

The Zenthronians live on the land where one might say American and South America is which is now called Zenthronia.[/details]

Infinity Requiem Earth Map:

[details=Earth Map]To be noted that this Earth in this Universe is 10 times bigger than our Earth we know today.

To know what is what, I’ll tell you how:

Blue Color - Zenthronia

Red Color - Sentiopa

Yellow - Lutaria

Green - Ysmaenia

Pink - Eutopia

Eutopia is Europe with all of the different human races living together, that is why I even made earth bigger so that Europe can be bigger and so the normal human races would coexist with this fantasy races.[/details]

Final Thoughts:

Phew, finally now I am allowed to do a free speech. Okay, this project took me a long time to go and I am happy to say that for the most part I am done. I have set this Universe and now all I need to do is to make the Story which will happen in Chapters.
I originally thought that I’ll wait and think of the characters I’ll be using for these stories but since I know myself and I tend to mostly improvise most of the times I thought I’ll wait till I do my very first chapter of this Universe and through these Chapters I’ll include a link to this which will have either the Characters at the bottom of this or just re-edit it, I don’t know I’ll see about that.

I hope you enjoyed the music while reading, if you want you can hear the music or not it’s optional though if you like music then I do recommend giving it a listen and enjoy this.
If you liked it please tell me what did you like, and if you didn’t like it tell me what you didn’t like.
I want you to show me the positives and the negatives so I could at least try in the future to become even better, only time will tell really.

Also please read through the whole thing and I literally mean the whole thing to possibly understand it, even more, if the questions you asked are not answered in this then I’ll either tell you or I’ll re-edit it for you.

And I think that’s all what I’ve got to say, again hope you enjoy, have a great time while doing it and have a great day night or wherever you are and stay tuned for the first chapter of this story which will explain my characters and their origin story!

PS: Sorry I tripled posted but I’ve sadly reached the limit of how many characters you are allowed to use…

Okay, if I’ll be honest, I don’t really like the name “Darkseid”. It’s not too original, and obviously rips off the name of another villain.

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