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Let us hope the show gets picked up.


I just saw this today for the first time. I’m not sure of any conclusion was made yet but this NEEDS to become a show.

The mysterious robot kind of reminds me of No-Face from Spirited Away in terms of design and all the characters are lovable, especially the morbid and optimistic robots seem like great supporting characters.

I know it was a fart joke, but this might be the first time I actually laughed at a fart joke and it seems like a funny running gag for the episode.


So apparently CN recently created some trade marks for Infinity Train themed merchandise, so while we have yet to get an actual official green light confirmation from CN, I think its pretty safe to say that its happening.


Wow, it’s been a year since you posted this. Forgot how much I liked it. Glad to hear that there’ll be more.


I loved the pilot. Glad to hear it might happen

Not might. If they’re getting trade marks for merchandise, then there is no if’s and’s or but’s about it. It is happening.

Thats an if and but up there. Maybe the creator is already on a different project during the time the show gets greenlit? It has happened before.

There was also another thing about someone who works at CN, posted on Twitter or Reddit or something. Anyway, they said that they’re the lead art director for infinity train. There’s a video with all this information somewhere, but I can’t find it, which is why I’m just saying everything instead of posting the video.


So… I just saw this, as a YouTube ad. Like, the kind that plays before the proper video. I just… I’m not really sure what to make of it exactly…

EDIT: So on top of the Corginia video, CN also released this somewhat recently.

It’s full of neat trivia, hype fule, and more than enough theory bait.


So glad this is happening. I’ll definitely be tuning in when this show launches. It seems like it could be another Gravity Falls.


Shrek 5 comes out 2019

And this comes out 2019…

2019 is gonna be a good year.

That plus Godzilla King Of Monsters, and How To Train your Dragon 3.

But it’s this show I’m particularly excited for. I have a good feeling this will be the next Gravity Falls.

I’m gonna be honest. I don’t really want another Gravity Falls. I kinda feel I this series will be different in a good way.
gonna be honest, I’d be fine with this show being a monster of the week kinda deal

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I’d be happy with a weekly formula, but really hope there’s some kind of larger over arcing plot to it, with a good level mystery to keep the fans engaged between episodes / seasons.

I kinda like the length of the pilot. Maybe make this like a two shorts aired back to back kinda thing.

So when new releases happen, previous short can air and then the new short if you’re watching it on TV.

Or maybe just pull out an Over The Garden Wall and have an episode a day as a Halloween special type of thing with occasional reruns

An overarching plot would be nice. Or maybe this show will be Over The Garden Wall where it has some filler type episodes.

Well above all else, I want this to be a full series, with at least a couple of seasons. Nothing overly short or sub-standard.

I think that might be dragging things out too much.

I personally think a shorter runtime is usually better then a longer one. Sometimes just having a series be too long kinda drags things out.
I also would hate it if the series ended too soon.

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Gravity Falls ran for two seasons and managed to stay strong the whole time. Great shows like Transformers Prime or Transformers Animated got three. Its very much possible for a show to go on two to three seasons and still be good. Now granted I know that it is possible for a show to outstay its welcome and deteriorate in the end.I’m just hoping this show gets at least two seasons, and really has enough time to be filled out and tell its story.

Like I said, I don’t want it to outstay its welcome. I know how much than can ruin a good show.

When a I heard a couple of seasons, I was thinking a lot more then two in my head.

Feels oof.

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