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So a while back Cartoon Network recently released a short on their YouTube channel, which is actually a pilot for a show called Infinity Train. If you haven’t seen it yet, I highly recommend it. In fact, seeing as its on YouTube, I can just put it here.
If you like Gravity Falls, I’m sure you’ll like this. So what do you think? For those who have already seen it, do you have any theories?

Also good god that theme jingle gives me chills.


Hmm, interesting.

But if the plot of every episode is trying to get into the next car then they’ll have to work hard not to be repetitive with everything else.

It’s also nice to have a main character who is more on the intelligent side versus the usual brash and hot-headed.


The thing about this though, is that it frustrates me. It frustrates me in the same way that Tulip is frustrated, and honestly for the same reasons. What’s with the number? What does the number change mean? What’s the deal with the crash in Corginia? What’s with the steward? (The weird robot thing) When did she meat 1-1? What is 1-1’s connection to the train? AGH!!! Its frustrating because its so good! I need answers but I don’t have any. I need more but there may never be more! And every time I hear that dang jingle at the start and end, I just get chills. Frustrated, confused, chills.

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Honestly when it was first uploaded by CN I watched the first five mintues of it before I had to do something and I never got around to finishing it.

The negative half of One-One voiced my thoughts every single time he spoke.


Wow, this looks cool!

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hope it gets picked up, we need more good shows on CN to balance out the bad ones, SU is my favorite cartoon but a bunch of other shows are ending and they need good shows to fill their spots

not crap like the new Powerpuff girls or ben 10


Well you really should finish it then.

Apparently they both have names. Glad 1 and Sad 1.

Agreed. Though the new Ben 10 isn’t that bad, but that besides the point.

Honestly, I’d love to see this become a show. The premise is great and unique, potential plot points are good, and the humor (arguably most important for a show trying to get on CN) is on point.

Will it actually succeed? Given CN’s most recent show releases, I wouldn’t count on it. But I am hoping that they give it a chance, because I feel this show could be something amazing.


I feel unfortunately that the show relies on the mystery aspect, and the risk of doing an episode such as this to tease everyone and potentially encourage the production of a TV show is that a lot of aspects can change between now and production. The core mystery may also be solved by fans or every option may be explored before the release of the show.

Plus, once again, we should probably remind ourselves that a pilot episode is not always reflective of the full finished product.


I’m getting some Courage TCD vibes from this show. Seeing the wasteland outside the train and the monster thing at the end really gave me nostalgia.


Gravity Falls and Steven Universe are great examples of this. Though I hope it doesn’t change too much.


The mystery aspect is great but the animation style feels overused and flat.


How so?

The number may be a seat number. It is a train after all…

But then why would it change at the end?

Have you seen a single seat so far?

But then the wire monster said “Return to your seat.”

Maybe she was downgraded to\upgraded from coach

That sounds like a pretty crappy ending to me. In my opinion.