Infurno, lord of fire

Hey guys! This is my version of my friends self moc, infurno. I hope you enjoy!

Anyways, stay tuned! I have more comin.


I think he would look better with a different mask, but the rest is great!

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This is the real infurno's mask of choice.

Not really big on the way those yellow torso plates in his legs stand out like a sore thumb, but everything else looks cool.

I agre. Those are the only other parts that I had in that color though. I needed to spread it.

I feel like the legs need to be longer

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Really? I thought they looked good. They are the same length as most of my other Mocs. If I made them any longer, he would be taller than Voltrix.

Well the armor you used on the bottom make them appear squat

Was Expecting Inner Furno
All I got is Chibi Chubby Maxilos

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Is that a joke? Or criticism?

A bit of both since naming him Infruno Makes us think of a Furno Moc
But instead its a small moc with too much armour making it very fat (technically)
And the Mask does not work with it since it was used for a Robot Titan
I reccomend using a Symmetrical Mask
Also change the color scheme because orange and yellow do not work

First, why does it matter what the mask was originally used for? That should have no impact on how the mask is used on MOCs
Second, I must disagree about the color scheme.

I will try to get some better pics up soon. Because in real life, he really looks awesome. The mask is the one from my friends original infurno, and same with the name. And the color scheme is red and keet-orange if you can't tell from the pic. =]