Inkarnate Metru Nui map

I made a map of Metru Nui on the website Inkarnate, feel free to check it out!

Link: Inkarnate - Create Fantasy Maps Online

C&C is appreciated!


It looks quite accurate, good job!

I’ve never heard of this website before. I’m gonna check it out rn.

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Ah, Inkarnate, my old nemesis.

Wonderdraft is better

Looks surprising quite nice considering the program you’re using. Was it made using the pro version?

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I’m on the free version.

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Funny, that’s not what its price tag says.

Dude, a one-time $30 purchase for a high quality map maker, in comparison to either a free, low-quality one or an annual subscription for a better client?

Especially because from everything I’ve heard Wonderdraft is way better than Inkarnate Pro.