Inktober 2020

Welp, Inktober started over a week ago, so I’m a bit late to the party… but better late than never, right?

*If you don't know what Inktober is*

it’s basically a drawing challenge where participants have to draw a picture only using ink, based on a provided prompt. Every day of October, there is a new prompt. You can learn more about it here:

So I’m starting on October 8th. The prompt was: “Teeth,” and this is what I drew: (Comments and criticism are appreciated).

This is the first year in which I’m participating. I’ll continue to post my Inktober drawings in this topic. Feel free to add your own for this year, if you want!


Awesome, this is the first time in 3 years that i am not doing inktober, lack of inspiration, wish you luck, nice drawing


You know what? I think I’ll join in on the fun


Does this count



Unfortunately, I didn’t draw yesterday, or today. I have a lot of work to do. :expressionless:

Starting tomorrow, I’ll push myself more to find time for my daily drawing


Not super happy with this one, but oh well.
The prompt was “disgusting.”

EDIT: just realized that I put the wrong date! It should say 10/11/20 :rage:

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then I have one for that too

Unfortunately, I’ve sort of given up with Inktober. I’ve had a lot of work as of late, and my Artakha drawing is more of a priority. I’ll still try to draw everyday, and post my drawings, but I just might not have the time to make an artwork that I’m proud of.

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