Inorganic Suletu designs

I went and made my own designs for a great suletu after seeing a karzahni moc. I thought the mask worked better in multi color.

Here are recolors for Krakua’s suletu.

I’ll probably do the others next if I have the energy.


The third design is really clean, secondary colors are easy to see but don’t take over.


Zip! Straight into my head canon!

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Ooo, I like this a lot. I’m glad I’m not the only one who head-canoned that the inorganic version of the mask was just all of the armored parts made symmetrical, and it looks really good actually seeing it done. Dunno if I like the second or third version better, but good call on including secondary colors.

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Did someone say head canon

Love these so much, keep up the great work

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Very nice

Edit: Someone needs to show @BobTheDoctor27 these


The third feel right to me (I think the fifth is the same design?)

I’ve like to see a 3D model that uses this slightly more angular approach.

It also looks kinda Crash Bandicoot-esque!


The fifth one is the same as the third. As I said in the post, they were recolored to match Krakua’s armor.

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I love Krakua’s suletu is gray and black! :blush: :blush: :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:
this is almost no-relation to this topic, but please let me an ask.
I heared Suletu’s asymetry is “standard”, but many “inorganic” Suletu are symetry(example, the Suletus in Shapeways)

is this apperance just “the most popular by many fans”?
or Greg said inorganic Suletu has a symmetry shape?

This doesn’t include any Criticism to this Great skecth.
but this thoght had dominated me in few years.
I’m glad if someone answred me, who wise with BIONICLE-knowledge! :wink:

The real reason behind the design is probably just fan preference, although Greg has also confirmed it:


Thank you @TheJerminator!
I read this as “If you think so, it is may so” . and this is the reason many “inorganic Sluetu” has symmetry shape, right?

The first quote is more open-ended, but the second one seems to directly state that Kongu’s mask is half-and-half because it was underground.


I see, thankyou friend!
and nice art, @KanohiReqi!:revolving_hearts:

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