Insane Inventor Toa - "Reddish"

This is a MOC based of one of my friend’s MOC. As the title suggests, "Red’ (Who the character is based on) is an inventor who pioneers the BLUE and ORANGE robots.
Link to who this MOC is based off of:

I am aware he has different fingers on his hands. The reason I couldn’t find 2 of the same connector piece. I am planning on Bricklinking that.

His toa tool is a flame thrower. Insane Inventor + Element of Fire = Flamethrower

I don’t plan on the back being seen because of the cape. That’s why it’s so unarmored.
Without Cape (Front):

Some poses just cause…


I painted mask looks really good on this guy, and I love the cloth and the other small details on this guy.

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The painted mask looks great and fits in well. Everything looks very smooth and he seems to have a great build with great options for poses. I love the cape and cloth, really adds to him but I don’t know why you say the back looks bad cause I think it’s quite good. Overall real cool moc, big fan of the flamethrower, looks dope.

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Hey thanks for the feedback.
@BBricks too for the mask, The painted mask I was a little iffy on… It didn’t fit the color scheme however it still fitted the personality. It was also painted by friend several years ago and has came off a little.
His build is not terrible over complicated. I took my standard beam-back and added armor and cape. The back taking a second look it doesn’t look terrible. This is mostly because of the cape(s).
Oh, and posing is alright I suppose. The hordika necks (in the shoulders) can be annoying.
@ELE109 Interesting idea for a trend. I would follow that trend for a little bit.

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I agree with everyone, the painted mask is well done. But for some reason in almost all the pictures it stares into my soul. :stuck_out_tongue:

I want this to start a trend were people build something name after another color with a similar build.