so, uh here’s a MOC I’ve been working on for awhile. essentially it’s an insect bioformer with a transformation scheme of Overlord
robot mode:

alt mode(top):


so that’s it, thoughts?


Robot Mode:
While messy for the transform function, it gives a “tyrant” feel and the lengthy arms kinda ruins it. I like how the lower section looks beside the back.

It seems more skinnier in this mode not as that a problem, the small limbs doesn’t work but the side view looks great-

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ok, i can fix that

any suggestions on how fix that?

Cool MOC, I like Bioformers however I have some suggestions. The Mask of creation is a bit small on the robot’s head. I also feel that this guy has to many shades of green going on in both forms. I think if you tone it down a bit the MOC would looke better. Anyways nice MOC.

I’m into it

Unsure how you can fix the back leg since it’s due to the function… :bug:

The feet look a little big but other wise looks cool in both modes

This is what happens when you eat all your greens.