Insula Magna

I figured, with the tiny success of Inannus and Modicius, and their whole story as a whole, I might as well illustrate the map of which the story takes place.

The parts below, if hard to read, are below:

  • The dot represents the capital city under Inannus, Opidium

  • The green dotted line is the border created by Inannus from 1200 BGA to 20 BGA

  • The blue dotted line represents the border created by Modicius from 0 AGA to 3300 AGA

  • The Crown is where Modicius moved the capital city to, and is named Epestilium

  • The red stripes are the countries left after the Great Conquest, which formed a coalition against Modicius including some mountain tribes. Where Inannus may or may not have ended up, no telling.

And the BGA and AGA stand for Before and After the Great Ascension, where Modicius crowned himself Emperor.

With this, I wanted to show the difference between the two brothers, with Innanus holding small claims, and Modicius conquering almost the entire continent, and to help give possible routs of expansion for the story to go.

[details=Fun Facts]- The Cave region in the South is where Atrox lived the rest of his tormented life after contracting the illness

  • Bilia was the leader of the team that eventually killed Modicius, and he lives in the Westernmost tip of the Coalition lands.

  • The reason Modicius moved the capital from Opidium to Epestilium was because he thought it would be not only more beautiful and grand, but a more centralized location for his nee Brotherhood of Makuta to worship

  • The Queen of the country once known as Patriim, or the land where the story originates, is in fact the mother of the Two brothers, and will hopefully be getting at least a mention in the next moc, no guarantees however, as I don’t think my skills are quite ready for it.

  • All of this was done while we were reading a story in American Lit

  • I really need to double check for mistakes :/[/details]

As usual, please leave comments or criticism, and I will address them below, good day!


Nice! It looks like a real map.

Thanks! I felt like I could have added a little more detail, but couldn’t look too zoned out

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I would like to see a bigger version and it focuses on all key locations


Maybe that could be a possibility for the future? That is certainly not out of the question, just naming all of the places could get slightly annoying.

I hear you