Intended Use For Nuva Canister Lids?

So I just got a hold of a Onua Nuva off of bricklink, and the canister has brought back happy memories of when I owned Tahu Nuva (I traded him, canister and all for a Vhaki.) and a burning question I have had ever since first seeing the canister lid...

What in the hecking heck was the top of the lid of the canister for? I get that the sides were meant to be used for a Suva like the Mata, but I do not understand what the pin holes on top were for.

Anybody have a clue or a definitive answer?


I've always used them as a storage for the weapons.


IIRC that was how the canister lids for the Inika where as well (the lid was hollow in the inside to hold their primary weapon and zamor spheres). Now i wish i never lost my Matoro Inika canister...


The centre of those lids have always perplexed me as well. That really bizarre cog-like thing in the middle is especially odd. Could you post a pic of what the bottom of the canister looks like?

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Maybe the axles in the middle were to be used for the gold and silver masks? Probably not seeing as these are for the nuva who didn't have golden masks or silver masks. Apparently there was also some kind of decal that was removed to reveal the center so many that would help answer the question?


To look cool?

They make good display stands

The weird structure in the center is meant to be used as a handle grip to twist the lid off. I have no clue why the axles and such are there.


For extra play value/customization, most likely to store weapons. There were no Golden Kanohi Nuva, so a seventh mask slot was unnecessary.

As a kid, I thought they were for real, physical Nuva Symbols that would plug into the slots, but it never happened and I highly doubt that was the intention.

Would make for good shapeways project. Someone should get on that.


Why wasn't this a thing?


What slots?

It doesn't seem so hard to screw the lid off from the rim. In fact isn't that where all the leverage comes from, if I'm not mistaken?

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I always thought you put all 6 masks of their color around the lid, and the gold and silver masks in the center.

No idea, I always thought the center was meant to attach to some sort of unreleased Nuva symbol or cube piece. Come to think of it, you could attach any Bohrok Kal shield to the cog on top.


I used the two axel holes for storing Takanuva’s and Makuta’s masks.