Interaction between MU inhabitants and Mata Nui himself.

Hello. I could find a similar topic so I decided to make my own.
We all know that that pretty much everyone in MU saw Mata Nui as a god and thier guardian but what if they had a chance to interact with him in his Glatorian form?
For example, an alternative outcome of a final battle with Teridax, Prototype Robot gets destroyed and Mata Nui is forced back into his “toa” form and decided to takedown Teridax from within by invading the GRS in some way…
How would interaction betwern Mata Nui and his former “cells” would look like?


honestly that is an interesting idea!
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He’d be worshipped like a god. Even the Turaga would trip over themselves trying to help him.

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Which would make him super uncomfortable I guess.
I mean begin see as a god when you have a planet size, robotic body makes sense but when you’re merely 7 feet tall and made mostly from flesh?
I guess this is one of the personal reason he decided to fade into the Ignika.


I always found Mata Nui’s prestige very interesting. Great idea you got here.


He would propably be extremly guilt-ridden considering that Teridax take over was partially his fault. So I guess he would rather distance himself from the new matoran society as focus on solving the mysteries of the Great Beings.
The Order of Mata Nui would probably try to assist MN on every corner despite his annoyance with constant bootlicking on thier part.
Then again, if he would caught the wind of Velika’s actions, he would definitely use his connections to stop the rogue Great Being.
I would even suggest that OoMN would interrogate the heck out of Velika.

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Could be an interesting idea for a G1 continuation too, if MN ever comes back from sleep mode.