Coordinates obtained, target locked, taking measures.


Are all of these parts a piece of a massive… entity? Maybe they are individual, as “interceptor” sounds like it could make it on its own.

I do hope we get an explanation some time, as all of these are so good, and this is no different!

The mystery is pretty intriguing, so great job on the presentation as well.

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Why were those 2 comments deleted?

@Antroz2007, everything I wanted to say you can find in my build and description. I am all for interaction with people, so feel free to ask anything you want.
@ToaNoah_Wafflemeister, glad you liked it! Stay tuned for more stuff.
@Toa_Vladin you said it the best. Thanks!


I haven’t saw you talking, but it’s great! I am really curious how that looks in the inside! I believe that skrall masks are blasters, right? And this is sooooooooo complex

I am wondering the same thing too.