Interesting Thought About a G3 Narrator

Hey guys.

A while back, I had a thought for who could narrate G3’s prophesy opening theme. After seeing the cast consider Norik for a bit and settle on Ikir, I’ve decided to actually post my original thought just for fun.

The narrator is Karzahni.

There’s a method to my madness, so bear with me.

The legend tells of the brothers and of the start of the Toa to fight those brothers. So who better to tell that than someone who was there? Yes, Ikir was there too, so having him say it the very fist time to Narmoto in episode 2 is good. After that moment, each following episode starts using the legend in the theme. Using a different voice to narrate those ones isn’t too strange.

Before you bring it up, yes, Karzahni was already imprisoned at that time of the Toa stopping the brothers. However, he has his Mask of Alternate Futures to show him those moments, so he would be aware of how the legend plays out too.

So… An “unknown” voice is narrating the openings after Ikir gives the first official telling. The audience hears it for each episode over the 3 years. Finally the Toa meet Karzahni. Here’s how I see it playing out.

The Toa enter the area where Karzahni is hiding. As they walk in, we hear the narrator speak for the first time outside of the opening theme. He tells a sort of continuation of the legend that references the current Toa and their journey over the 3 years. The screen then pans over to Karzahni as the narrator is finishing. We see Karzahni actually moving his lips as the final lines are said. The narrator was him all along.

Yes… what we all thought was just a random voice speaking to the audience during the theme was actually just Karzahni talking to himself. Is it really that surprising that a being who has gone crazy from visions of multiple futures is spending his time talking to himself? He sees this specific legend play out in his head more than the others, so he started talking out loud to give this version more of a voice. And in the end, it was the version that came true.

Prior to thinking of Karzahni, I had imagined Voriki narrating with the same sort of reveal when they meet her. However, with Karzahni, you can have the whole “crazy talking to himself” explanation as an additional bonus.


I really like the idea.
The way I see it, he has always been looking at alternate realities, like you said, talking to himself. However, he narrates that specific reality, when Toa come to seal away the brothers, to remind himself where is living. So he does not forget what reality he is in.

Second, I imagine him starting the end of the intro when the Toa find him. Continuing to the next part of the legend he can see. The toa coming to rescue the world, and breaking his prison. Then he turns and looks at them, but not quiet, and says: “Thank You” then he breaks out.


It’s a nice twist and reveal, I’m not sure how well balanced they narrators will be but I love this idea.

Not as good as the island and the universe was actually a giant robot spoiler but still, I like it.

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The way I imagined it, the Toa don’t actually see him when he is freed. Them using the Mask of Time causes an ancient collapsed city to reset, freeing him. At least that’s what I remember from past episodes. So the Toa don’t even know he’s free till a bit later when they go find where he escaped to. That’s when the narration part happens.

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I like this, and i think it’s something that would work great with this idea i have told Jon and Var about, which was about Karzahni sending visions to (as examples) Gali and Voriki. The reason why is because Karzahni could that way manipulate the Toa and his brothers, and have them move events towards a future that he found more suitable.

It’s like the big manipulators in the Legacy of Kain franchise, for example Moebius the Time Streamer. He is able to see into the many futures and possibilities and thus manipulates others in such a way that they unknowingly moves towards the future he wants.

Now the big question one could raise about Karzahni’s manipulation, would be of weather his planned future is one of peace or destruction.


I love it!

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Considering the Guy is insane because he either:

  1. Cannot turn off his mask powers, forgot how to turn off his mask powers, or does not know he can turn it off.

  2. Saw something in the future that made him go mad.

There exist two possibilities, that I can see:
If he cannot turn it off, I do not think he can plan ahead that much. Since he became insane due to seeing all possibilities at the same time. I think in that case he would have problem keeping track where he is now, much less have a master plan. He however things like I want to get of of this prison, work because he is constantly remind of that.
If he became mad because of something he saw, then his motivations can be related to what he saw. A grim future: He wants to prevent it, he has given up, or maybe he is accelerating it. Maybe he saw that long ago, and made guided the events from the creation of the matoran, the elemental Gods, the Toa, all the way to his liberation. If that is the case, he could have made the Toa as last ditch effort to save them from and invasion, or to serve as a beacon attracting the attention of something. Maybe he is just hopeless and decides to do what he wants before the end. Like he made a bucket list and is just checking off things, but because he is insane, those things can range from, being the villain, to being the prophet of the end. In this case he could have guided the events of the creation of the Toa so he could play the roles he wanted to experience.

You do not even need a grim future for the last one. Maybe because he can see everything he became curios as to what it felt doing the things he saw. Having a personalty so detached from others that he does not see them as equals, even his brothers. To the point of using them to satisfy his curiosity.

Maybe he can at one point say: “Playing the prisoner has been fun, but I think I want to play the villain now.”


im thinking that until they meet kharzani its the normal ikir opening yet when they meet him the opening starts to become warped, twisted, chaotic and insane with kharzani telling the legend, sorta like the bill cipher/ weird maggedon openings of gravity falls

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So Karzahni still doing it the whole time, but changing it up near the end? I could see that. The continuation of the Legend that I said is similar in function, but it would be interesting to hear the opening change a bit for the final episode(s) to lead into it without seeming like too big of a chage to ruin the reveal.

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Not unprecedented. Doctor Who did that once.

Personally i don’t see Kharzahni as being insane. To me, his actions and what he says make people belive he is insane, but his mind is otherwise quite normal.

His world view i think would have shifted after all the futures he has seen, into that of seeing every thing differently. A normal looking matoran to Kharzahni is now a catalyst of millions of events, and thus another piece for the greater game that Kharzahni is playing. Plus with all the futures he has seen of the Toa, Makuta, Voriki and others, he is five steps ahead of everyone.

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I would support you completely. The idea is amazing and it is really interesting with possible developments into the future. However, a sane Kharzahni is an almost unbeatable Kharzahni. With his ability to see the future and his mind stable, I do not see the Toa defeating him at all. Specially since he has a clear grasp on the laws of causality.

Maybe if you introduce another weakness instead?

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I think the route they went has Karzahni as a bit insane due to the number of possibilities going through his head. Your route would be interesting to see, but personally, I prefer the insane route.

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