Internet: Rules and Guidelines

We're basically using this as a catch-all for anything else that you want to share that's available on the internet.

Things that go here:

  • Webcomics, such as Penny Arcade, XCKD, Homestuck, Cyanide and Happiness, Questionable Content, etc.
  • Online video content creators, such as RocketJump or RoosterTeeth
  • Let's Players, YouTube, Twitch or otherwise

Note: with online video, if it is an exclusive series that was made for release on a television sharing content site like Netflix or Hulu (Orange is the New Black, House of Cards, Community), those go under Television. However, if it was primarily just a webseries that got picked up on sites later on (Red vs. Blue, Video Game High School), it goes here.

Likewise, if it's a Flash animation you want to talk about, it goes here, but if it's a Flash/browser based games, it goes in Video Games.

Lastly, if it fits into other categories first, they go there. So LEGO games go in the LEGO category before they go here, and if it's a website or animation that you made, that goes in Creative Content before it goes here. This is specifically for stuff that you did not make. Additionally, if you post something you found here but it turns out the person who actually made it has a topic in Creative Content, your post will be closed so everyone will be directed over to the creator's topic.

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