Interview with Greg Farshtey - Yes he was lying

The question that the cast has been asking themselves since the initial leaks has been answered! On several occasions they have asked themselves if Greg was lying to them about BIONICLE’s return in the interview, the answer: yes.

Though it is perfectly understandable why he was lying, it’s still nice to have some closure.


I definitely understand why he had to though.

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He wasn’t legally allowed to reveal information about this. And it’s possible that, in the early stages of the planning for Bionicle’s return, he didn’t even know about it.


Not such a big deal when you think about it. Unfortunately in his line of business, being a writer for LEGO, he could well lose his job if he doesn’t answer a certain question right.

Although this makes me think of an email I got from LEGO regarding BIONICLE 2015… They said they couldn’t give any details, but they were working on something like it. This was back in like August…


@Chro and @BioRaiders532 summed up my thoughts on this.


This doesn’t surprise me. I’m pretty sure LEGO tells all of their employees to keep quiet about future products.

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They do. That’s a commonly-known fact. They’ve got NDAs out the wazoo.


I honestly could careless if he lied but that interview was one of the best things to hear when I was a bionicle fan in a way it still gave me a little hope the line would come back. It not really bad that he lied he lied as he knew that he needed to protect his job/ lego in general but it is kinda cool to hear the interview again knowing that he knows bionicle is coming back and I bet in his head he is like just wait one more year just wait one more year.

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Couldn’t care less is the expression, because if you could care less, then you do care…

Okay, I can breathe easy now…


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I don’t know why anybody would really be surprised by the fact he wouldn’t be able to reveal that info (aside from the funny thought of him knowing while we were discussing the line’s demise). I sincerely hope nobody actually faults him for withholding the truth from us during the interview. That’s what should be expected of him considering the nature of NDAs; anything else would be the real shocker. :stuck_out_tongue:



Saying that he was lying is disrespectful he was just doing his job…


However, it is potentially accurate.

@Chronicler1 It’s not disrespectful, as it is entirely accurate. He did lie, however, he has no reason to apologize or feel guilty towards the fans because of the lie. Sometimes lies are good things when used correctly.


Meh…I don’t mind if he lies its part of the job…

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