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Well,worth a shot. Hi!Im G.K.,or GoldenKanohi!I watch a lot of TTV Channel videos,and i love them!Until now,i was told how to post some of my mocs and stuff from someone who commented on my question on one recent video,a moc showcase.But since i have an account now,im very happy to be apart of the TTV community!


Welcome! I hope you enjoy it here!

Welcome to the TTV Message Boards, @GoldenKanohi04! Remember to read the site’s rules. While you’re at it, I would check out the The Boards How-To Topic, which is jam-packed with helpful commands. :smile:


Welcome to the boards!

Hi, my name is Gardarron.

I joined the boards a few weeks ago, after following the podcast for some time. I found out about TTV in 2014 when I wondered after three years ‘will bionicle ever come back?’ After finding the news videos on youtube, I have enjoyed anything from the channel ever since :smile:. My favourite show is the TTV Podcast.

Well, that’s all I guess.


Make sure to read the rules and enjoy yourself on these here boards! :smile:

Also, have a guide on how to operate on here.

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Welcome to the boards both of you!

Thank you!

Welcome, @Gardarron! Great to know that TTV has made you happy! Enjoy your stay!

Welcome to the boards, @GoldenKanohi04 and @Gardarron! Remember to run away as fast as you possibly can have fun! :smile:


Well, Hi :smile:

I joined the boards a while ago but never really posted anything till now, so yeah. I’m Poharu, I build stuff and have been very passionate about bionicle for like, my entire life. I’ve been following TTV since the first leaked pictures of bionicle 2015 and have enjoyed thier content pretty much ever since.

So yeah thats pretty much it.


Howdy Poharu

Welcome to your doom our happy fun club.

We are sure you will have fun here cuz you’ll never leave

Please address any questions to our helpful mods.

Oh and read this and this.

I’ve had my account for almost a month, and hopefully, none of you saw me!
So… my first encounter with TTV (back then named the three virtues) was with the autopsies. They were fun to watch, and yadayadya. Since Bionicle was cancelled, I didn’t scour for information on it frequently. Later, I found Eljay’s 2001 recap reviews. I didn’t even know they were from the same channel until I looked more at it. Skip ahead about a year (?) and: SURPRISE! Bionicle is coming back! I immersed myself in Bionicle once again to find MNOG II with Meso. Even though the series ended and they were playing VNOG, I enjoyed watching it.I further looked into the channel to find it was… well, the three virtues! The name change kind of baffled me, but they had a podcast, additional series, and I thought: I don’t have time to watch podcasts! After finishing MNOG II, and while VNOG was still going on, I watched episode 162. I was introduced to the cast, and had some laughs. Worse came to worst, and now I’m here, typing a story less than 3 people will read! :smile:


I read it! Welcome to your doom the best place ever!

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I found a way to read blurred messages.

You just click on them, you know.

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Oh. I highlight them,

Hello Radiation! Your story sounds like quite the adventure, and we’re glad to have you on board! Get it? Because…Message Boards…ah screwit.

As a member of the Staff, I’m obligated to tell you to read the rules, and especially the rules on Double Posting. And don’t forget; have fun! :slight_smile:


######I read it.

Welcome to the boards!

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Sad I’ve been here for six months, yet I never introduced myself.

Legs get this over with… :’(

My name is Saxton (figures) or if you’re on MOCpages, Psithur. :slight_smile: I’m a 14, near 15 year-old TFOL from the U! S! A! ($ucks here). I’m into Bionicle (specifically MOC’s), Star Wars, REEEAAAAADDDDIIINNNGG, Music (Breaking Benjamin, System of a Down, and Three Days Grace are my favorites! :slight_smile: ), Spending Time With Friends, and some sports, mainly Basketball (No0ne C@rê$!). I am NOT a fan of anime, Braggers, Typical Teenagers, and Disrespectful twits whose names are Dr- I…better stop there. XP

Feel free to call me whatever you want, (Psith, Saxton, Tenor Sax, That Tahu Guy (XD), etc. But DON’T Call me Doug or Saxy. Why not Doug? I was just kidding, you can call me that if your little heart desires

Now go look at my stuff, I DEMAND IT. :stuck_out_tongue: