Introduce Yourself!

Not the 2016 topic.

Also welcome to the boards, @MaksimumPapercraft ! Hope you enjoy your stay here!

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A little late getting here, aren't you :stuck_out_tongue:

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I figure since the Gen2 BIONICLE topics are settling down, the art (specifically papercraft) topics might be more active now. Also I wasn't too interested in social media before.

Hallo! Ich Heisse CrusaderofCaesar1!
Sorry I just really like to speak/type in German.
My name is CrusaderofCaesar. I joined the boards because I've watched TTV for a while and I was bored. I like Lego, videoames, history, music, stuff like that.
Occasionally i'll make a MOC or something.


Hallo! I'm new here as well. Are you an UNDERTALE fan? Have you heard of it?

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Welcome to the boards, @CrusaderofCaesar1 and @MaksimumPapercraft! I would recommend reading up on the rules of the site. This topic about the different functions of the boards is also pretty helpful.


I have heard of Undertale, but I don't play it.

welcome to the bizarre family that is know as the Users of the TTV Message Boards
Crusaderof SHIZAAAA! @CrusaderofCaesar1

be sure to read the rules like Plural said
Maksimum we do have a topic for Undertale


Hi my name is Ruth, I was introduced to bionicle during the Toa Metru days, and I am a artist, a bionicle fan, a writer, and many other things, I actually writing my own bionicle fan fiction that takes place in gen 1. But in here I use Yukiga due to it being my bionicle moc's name.


Welcome to the moon, fresh fish nugget.

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Ah, yes, welcome, welcome.

Hello. My name is Dave. I'm a programmer, and a longtime Lego/Bionicle fan.

I occasionally publish Minecraft mods, although the ones that I have released so far are pretty terrible, due to lack of updates and not being motivated to work on them. Recently, I was working on creating a Tohunga mob model. If I end up making something that looks half decent, I'll post it somewhere on here.

My favorite TTV show.. hmm.. Eljay's Recap Reviews, maybe, or just the normal podcasts. I'm not sure. Ebay Today or whatever it was called was neat too.

TTVillage must rise again


Hello, Dave. Welcome to the hive of scum and villainy known as the ttv message boards.


Welcome TuragaDave!

And it still is


Den he expwodez! Boowm!

Welcome to our humble boards!


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I'm new, my name is Jay (but call me thunder/thundermaster/full user). I like Ninjago, TMNT, Power Rangers/Super Sentai, and of course, Bionicle. I was first introduced to Bionicle when my parents gave me a big bin of parts and I built lots and lots of stuff until I discovered the sets. I was able to rebuild the sets from the parts and I bought some more before loosing them in my basement during moving. But yeah, that's it.


Hai! o/ I'm Chrisredd, an aspiring animator and artist, I have a lot of interests and am also part of a few fandoms. Namely Poptropica, Minecraft, RWBY, Steven Universe, Nintendo, LEGO and BIONICLE. Sooooooooooo yeah....... Bai! o/

Hello to you.

And to you, as well.

Bah weep grahna weep ninni bong.