Introduce Yourself!

who are you?? Papyrus???

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Welcome back old members

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Thank you biok night, enjoy these burger emoji on me

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It’s the return of the old gaurd

This place it’s getting crowded again.

and that’s a bad thing… how?

Sorry I meant to cut it.
I was kidding.

I know, I’m joking too.

Now I will not be old and alone here.


Hello everyone, I suppose I’ll introduce myself.

I’m Luhan, I’m an artist. I draw things and then post them online for people to consume with their eyeballs.

I’m known as LuhanTheOrange on instagram and TheOverheatingOrange on DA and Tumblr.


Your profile pic reminds me of Ross O’Donovan

Howdy do! Glad to have you. Hope to see you around the boards!

This man is a liar

ban him immediately

EDITED: NO!- Spiderus Prime


And @meepinater , thank you both about the Krana Wall. Had I built more of it, I’d also have room next to it for almost all the Krana-Kal. Between both the collection of Krana is an upper 75% complete. Kraata, however, (not even considering the Shadow editions and the trans-orange shoe one) not even close :sweat_smile:

Oh, forgot to count the metallic Krana, I don’t have those nor plan on getting them soon :stuck_out_tongue:

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Hello everyone! Here’s an introduction to Skybird (Hey, that’s me!)

I’m new here but not new to TTV or bionicle, the latter or which I make mocs for all the time!

My mocs are usually torn right from 2001 rahi builds, of which I’m approaching 100 unique mocs! I have a discord where 22 rendered rahi mocs (and more soon) can be found.

So I plan to enjoy my time here! Feel free to dm me, or keep an eye out for some creations :wink:


Hey howdy hey! Welcome to this smoking train wreck of a site! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just joshin’ ya, look forward to seeing you around!

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Hey, only part of it is a smoking train wreck! A lot of the other areas are actually still very nice.

And welcome, @Skybird! I’m Runa, and I mainly sick to the dark recesses of the RP section of the boards, but I still look forwards to seeing any Mocs or other creations you may bring to the table!


Fire Mahi (blue)! I have almost 100 mocs currently, and am working on digitally re-creating and rendering them all! I hope you enjoy ^^


Welcome to the gang

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Hello. I found this site through a like to the MNOG Project thread with all of the different matoran villagers. I’ll be attempting to create something similar, but in the form of several dioramas.

I also don’t know how active this forum is anymore, so I might be shouting into the aether. Guess we’ll find out.