Introduce Yourself!

Why in the world would that be an offense? I didn’t make my image either, it’s official art for a game.

Anywho, welcome back!

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Well, it’s just that, for the first years of Bionicle, the hau was an icon and the face of Bionicle, I was afraid it would be too prideful and presumptuous to take the mask of Bionicle’s poster child as my profile photo.


Wow. That’s a bit of a bleak outlook. Don’t worry about it, I don’t think I’ve ever met someone here who would get upset about that. It’s just a profile picture. I mean, I’ve seen pics where it was Tahu himself, and no one even batted an eye. Your fine, don’t be nervous.

ok, thanks

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Yeah, it’s fine. My icon has been the Three Virtues symbol ever since I started on the boards way back when and I don’t think I’ve ever had anybody get annoyed at me for using it


Hi, I’m Toa of Snow. I have:

  • Been a Bionicle fan since '07 - found the series through the Jaller Mahri flash game, of all things.
  • No skill in MoC’ing whatsoever, but have enjoyed it the few times I have tried none-the-less.
  • Followed fansites like TTV and BZP for a while but never gotten an account prior to recently. I do have a BS01 account though.
  • Managed to find TTV because… well, BIONICLE. I am currently liking “Nak & Jay” very much.
  • A very comprehensive and nerdy understanding of the Bionicle lore.
  • A lot of sets by normal standards but very few by collector’s ones - and certainly not as many as I would like.
  • An avatar with resolution issues (help pls!)

look at mine and you’ll be convinced no one can help you


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Welcome, and the avatar still looks neat despite the resolution issues.

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Hi ToS, I’m Rac. I have

  • been a bionicle fan since 09 or so, when i got a bionicle comic from a friend.
  • mediocre talent in MoCing, no talent in art, but i still draw sometimes.
  • been on these boards since 2015, but have been minimally active until recently. Don’t have a BZP or BS01.
  • found TTV because Eljay broke into my house and threatened me to watch his recaps or he’d break all my lime joints. Actually, i don’t remember how i found TTV, but it was probably through bionicle.
  • a blessing/curse to remember most every name I’ve ever heard, be they bionicle or anything else.
  • an amount of sets that makes me content and that’s what counts.
  • an avatar that everyone thinks is anime for some reason.

wait, it’s not?

Hey there, I’m KanohiCrafter. As a kid I was always a passive fan of Bionicle up until 2007, that was the year I REALLY got into the story, and I’ve been a fan ever since. And it’s great to see that twenty years come December, Bionicle still has a loyal fanbase!


Welcome to the boards!

I guess I should introduce myself, I’m PahrakStudio03.

I have been a Bionicle Fan since 2001 as I was the target demographic for the line! (I was 11) however my attentions were mostly focused on Star Wars at the time. The First time I saw a Bionicle Set was at Meijer, the Toy Isle price check dude had Pohatu standing on his computer. (yeah, I’m so old price check wasn’t automated back then…)
anyway, I thought it was so cool cause his eyes appeared to light up from my vantage point. All I could afford at the time was a Turaga set so I got Nuju which at the time was super cool to me. After getting some McToran and Turaga Matau, my first Toa was Gali. I was so excited about finally getting a Toa but then my friend told me Gali was the “girl one” and as an 11 year old boy I was a little disappointed about that lol. I got the rest of the toa for Christmas though! so that was good.

ok enough rambling on about my Bionicle life story! haha


Nice, welcome!

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My brother and I have been Bionicle fans for years, but he has left Galidor and Lego Knights Kingdom to me. Bionicle is something I’ve struggled with, so I love finding creative ways to incorporate other niche lego series. I love older lego, especially early castle and pirates.

Gorm will restore Kek to its former glory.


Glad to meet a fellow Galidor fan!


Hey Optimus Priminski, My story is quite similar! I found the TTV channel on YouTube a few years back, and I joined the TTV message boards so I could talk to people about my MOC’s and about Bionicle without being hounded around by my older brother.:slightly_smiling_face::+1:

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Well, my brother is active on TTV as well


Um, hello? I assume this is where I introduce myself. My BZPower profile has info about me. I’ve know about this place for years now, It just hadn’t occurred to me that I could make an account. I think I first heard about TTV 6 years ago, saw all the top 10s and really liked them. I still haven’t listened to any podcasts yet :confused: I promise I’ll get around to it!


Welcome! I hope you enjoy your stay just don’t double post/s