Introduce Yourself!

Welcome! I’m glad to see you outside the server!


Glad to see you too. I didn’t even know you were on here when I joined lol


As of 2 days ago I’ve been on the boards for a year! I honestly haven’t done much in that time but I plan on being more active on here.


If i had a nickel for every time I said that…

I dunno, I could probably buy a peice of candy or something cheap

Congrats on being here a year though!


A few days ago was the one year anniversary of the day I made that awful Tahnok with the Tahu GWP parts


Hi everyone!
After lurking around this page for a long time, I finally decided to sign up. I’ve been a Lego fan for life and into Bionicle for the past 3 years or so, thus I’ve often stumbled upon this forum. I came here to share my MOCs, take part in topics and discussions, and just have fun hanging around.
Here’s a little peek at some of my MOCs! Expect to see them in the future!

(Don’t worry, I take MUCH better photos when I actually try.)

I don’t have anything else to say, sooo… I hope to have a fun time and wish you a nice day/night/whatever! See you soon!


that wolf(?) head on the right looks really cool

welcome to the pit, enjoy your stay cause you’re stuck here now


Thank you! Yup that’s supposed to be some kind of humanoid wolf creature, I think the head turned out quite well if I may say so myself.

So far, it seems like a cool place to be stuck forever!


oh how naive
Welcome to the boards new person, those mocs look pretty cool


fresh meat :yum:

uh I mean welcome


Howdy @Bioman, I’m @Rukah

I can be found lurking about periodically


Welcome to the TTV motel, there’s complimentary breakfast although the self serve bar has been closed for renovations for some time so all we got is hard muffins and way-too-small orange juice cartons


Welcome @Bioman, hope your enjoy your stay here, also check out our Toku topics on our TV and Movie sections.


hi! I’m back! after many months away on bzpower, I came back here. I’m not happy with my username or my pfp so feel free to suggest improvements for both of them. yes I’m still, trans, no I still can’t do anything about it

what's been happening

I kind of feel like an outsider because I can’t get on hrt, wear any fem clothes, use makeup, or basically do anything to make myself feel better. its wrecking my life but I can’t go into denial again. I’m saying this here because my parents check my search historyy so I can’t reach out for help or even just post in the lgbtq topic. will add more later when I have to vent more


Hi, I’m Kydv404/Kay Dav. I’m 21 (22 in a few weeks), and basically we can blame the pandemic on me taking a lego deep dive lol. I adored Ninjago as a kid, but even aside from that my family just loved lego media. Ironically, I didn’t collect any legos lol. I started drawing some NInjago fanart for the sake of nostalgia a while back, and since then I’ve slowly started getting into lego as a whole, including finally starting a collection! While I’m old enough to remember Bionicle g1 on shelves, I just saw them as the “weird legos” as a kid- so learning up on it now is really neat! I actually first heard of TTV back in high school through their Ninjago recaps (I think the only one still up is the one for Once Bitten, Twice Shy?), then I watched a lot of the older content while I was learning about Bionicle lore, so it’s nice that things came full circle!


welcome to ttv! Ive seen your stuff on bzpower, and you might recognize me there as @confused piraka. cool to hear your orgin story and I hope you have a good time here. its certainly a bit more active than bzpower and happy birthday in advance.