Introducing Brickonicle: TTV's G3 Project

The Brickonicle Category is the place for any artwork, MOCs, and fanfiction based around the pitch for a Generation 3 that has been ongoing in the TTV Podcast.


  • All topics/creative content/discussion must be related to our pitch for our Generation 3 which started in Podcast #229 and is continually ongoing.
  • Please make sure all topics follow the current Official TTV Canon. If content is deemed too off from our pitch, or is deemed unfitting for the purposes of this forum, it will be closed or moved from this forum into the appropriate Creative Content forum at the topic creator's request.
  • While this is a place to pitch ideas for the G3 discussion we are having, please bear in mind that this is not a general G3 discussion. Pitching your own, private and separate ideas will be moved.
  • Please TAG your topics! In the topic title, include one of the following: [Story] for fanfiction, [Worldbuilding] for worldbuilding, [MOCs] for MOCs, [Art] for art, [Pitch] for overall pitching of story years, [Characters] for stuff related to characters in terms of bios and designs. Additionally, if you could tag your topics using the tag feature at the bottom too, that would be great.
    • Examples:
      • "Makuta and Ekimu [Characters]"
      • "The Rahkshi and Their Plan [Pitch][Characters]"
      • "The Life of a Villager: A G3 Story [Story][Worldbuilding]"

Thank you!


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Would the Brickonicle Contest entries go in this category, since that contest was based on your Brickonicle Project?



I will say that I will try to be one of the main contributors on this category. :wink:

I honestly really love everything that is shaping up to be G3, with my own ideas added here and there.


An entire category for psudeo-sets

All the yes


Additional tagging rules have been added. Please adhere to them for future topics.

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What if multiple tags appy?

Could someone Please create the tag, "Character" ?

It's not a tag, and I'm not a Master, so I can't make it so...



there ya go buckaroo

Thank you!:slight_smile:

Didn't work. It should, I think, be inserted in the "tags" section when making a topic

TOPIC TITLE [Story][Characters][Worldbuilding]

It should be formatted like that

I love the idea of a minifig scale G3! I saw the artwork on the TTV YouTube channel and created a Hau that fits on a minifig. I had the design printed in clear resin to show how it fits over a minifig head, but of course it can come in any colour there's a filament for. Would anyone like to see more designs made?


the only big complaint that I heard is that Lewa is a girl.

and that’s all I’m going to say

yeah i agree

I don’t really care at all if Lewa is a girl. If anything I actually like the change