Introducing my main OC: Greenlight

I think it’s time that I showcase my own main OC, Greenlight, here. He isn’t a Bionicle OC, but rather a completely original creation I made a few years ago. I don’t draw him much though, as it’s usually every now and again whenever I do. I can’t seem to settle on a finalized design too well, but could this pave the way for one at last? Who knows…

Greenlight is a robot that is just one of many inhabitants of a futuristic Earth, whose population is mostly robots with souls. When soul transfers were occurring, there was one side effect that had a good chance of occurring: amnesia. Greenlight suffered from this side effect when he transferred his soul to the robot body he’s in now, and is seeking to figure out who he once was.

Our fellow robot has quite the handful of physical capabilities, but more notably is his other abilities and powers. He is capable of using electricity for multiple purposes, which comes from a special energy seen inside of his tubes. The special energy is also inside his systems, and has electrical properties. His antennas serve as the mouth, and mainly for talking. Both his eyes and antennas are capable of emoting in some way.

His hands have a special piece which can form into swords and/or blasters that use his special energy, giving him a bigger moveset. But that isn’t all, as he has a very special set of skills. Each of these skills allow him to use a power that an insect would also have. For example, his back can sprout energy wings and let him fly like a butterfly, or he can change his legs so he can walk around and jump like a grasshopper. Really, Greenlight has lots to offer up with his skills and moves.


made my day.