Introducing the TTV Podcast Website!

and Welcome!
To Mardi Gras!

Well not really, however I am excited to announce that most of the work on our website has finally been completed!

Now, you may notice a few changes to how the forums look. If not, then you may need to refresh for the changes to take effect. Our goal is to bridge the forums and our website together. They are not two separate entities, rather they are one in the same, hand in hand.

As such we done a few things to integrate both sides together. Obviously the most noticeable is that forums now retain the website header, which will lead you to the root domain:

Another is featuring weekly topic highlights on the main page, this list will change each week and feature popular topics at random! Expect to see us feature topics and discuss them on our podcast as well! We hope that this will encourage users to continue posting thought provoking topics and create amazing pieces of art.

Third, and possibly the most important, we are introducing the News category. This category is directly hooked up to our main page- whenever we post a new article or blog entry on our website, a topic will automatically be created in the News category. You can post and discuss on those topics and they will be featured on the article itself! This system basically acts as pseudo-commenting system, except way cooler because it allows us to connect our forums in a really cool way!
Obviously, this means that topics cannot be created in the News category unless done so by admins, so do keep that in mind.

We hope to continue releasing content that is either exclusive, or early access on our website. And whenever there’s an issue with the Message Boards or they’ve been taken down for maintenance, you can check it’s status on the front page! We’ll keep you updated on whenever planned down times are to occur so that you aren’t stuck waiting for them to return.

We will also begin pushing social media as well, hence the icons that have been included on the header. This way subscribers can stay connected to us and always be in the know whenever we’re doing something new and exciting :smiley:
…perhaps that will come in handy this October…hmmmmm.

Now, at this point in time our website is still technically under construction.
This means that we are still working on it behind the scenes and fine tuning several aspects. We hope that now that the majority of the work has been completed the forums will become more stable, but be aware that you may see glitches, graphical hiccups, and general odd things over the course of the next few weeks.

Aside from that, there have been a few general forum updates, most of them have been behind the scenes to help things function more smoothly, however one interesting new feature which you’ve probably been aware of is the addition of Admin icons. Administrators and staff now have shield icons next to their names to identify them, this way we can avoid any further issues with impersonation.

Thank’s for taking the time to read this update, and we hope you enjoy everything we have to offer!


this is awesome seriously out did yourselves
its really cool

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your doing what bzp should be doing!!! you guys are great!!!

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Just visited the link. Very nice!

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It’s an actual thing now! All those old jokes are obsolete!

Quite incredischway if I do so say.



Okay. I think this going a bit too far now. Both parties send their points and both are justified… but now its just monkeys throwing (not nice word) at each other. Look, 3rdeye, you are right about the fact that they should have messaged you saying “no thanks” or “we already have one in the making.” or something like that and the timing was nothing more than a coincidence with no communication for proper reasons that they mentioned.

  1. They simply don’t know you
  2. They already had this project a secret to not let the public know (you are the public) so they would’ve taken a precaution by not mentioning

TTV has every right to not message/ignore you since it is their business and choice to notify you. Was it the polite and nice thing, no, but this is the internet so people don’t have to do what others want. Meso has already apologized for not replying and mentioned why he did so. Var gave the source and said that they haven’t stolen anything. The idea of a forum and website aren’t new. I saw someone talk about it in the channel discussion a year ago and lastly, he even mentioned

If this was the only thing 3rdeye said, I don’t think anything wrong would have happened, but now everyone feels offended and started getting agitated/frustrated and nothing relevant is being talked about.
Everyone shared why it was like that and apologized, so lets just put this behind us and move on.

On another note, its a cool idea and i’m glad that the sites are integrated! Makes life easier and I hope it becomes more popular than BZPower, and be able to be nice and everyone could be friends.


Your post is very much appreciated. With all that said, this discussion ends now.
This whole thing isn’t supposed to become any sort of personal conflict between TTV and fans.

Any more posts regarding this situation will be deleted.

Moving onward…

Better yet, let’s just get rid of it entirely, as it’s distracting from the purpose of this topic.

Thank you for the thought out post Born.


Watching this stuff getting deleted :stuck_out_tongue:


Agreed. :smiley: Good post Awesomeness. :smiley: Thanks for defusing the situation. You rock.



jk looks gr8 i luv u guyz so much

This is awesome, keep up the great work gang! By 2015 this place will be the most bustling community for Bionicle!


its new and shiny best quote ever 10/10

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