Introduction of BIONICLE Legends #7: Invasion Recovered

Those of you who know your BIONICLE history might recall that the original BIONICLE Legends #7Invasion — was cancelled in 2007. Well, thanks to some detective work by yours truly, and some help from BZPower’s Black Six, the introduction of Invasion has been recovered, and is now available to the public for the first time ever! You can read it by clicking here.

I’m starting this thread for two reasons: for discussion of the recovered Invasion introduction, and for discussion of lost BIONICLE media in general. BIONICLE was a massive story, and I highly doubt this one chapter of one book is all that’s almost been lost to the sands of time — and now that I’m in detective mode, I’d love some more leads to follow. :stuck_out_tongue:


Nice I’ll read it when I get the chance!

Dang, was not expecting to see this. This is neat. @JSLBrowning Are you able to disclose how this was recovered?


Yeah, I can do that. I was looking through the Greg discussion archives a few days ago, trying to scrounge up any information I could on Invasion (I was planning a plot reconstruction for Wall of History). I read in one of his posts that he had sent the finished introduction to BZPower after the novel was cancelled, as they had made tentative plans to serialize it. BZPower wanted Greg to commit to finishing it, though, and Greg didn’t have the time, so those plans never came to fruition, and BZPower never released what they did get. After reading about this, I messaged Black Six, the current administrator of BZPower, and he was able to dig up the introduction.