:Invasion from Below Tablescraps:

It’s pretty much a Crystal Beast revamp along with a battle machine for Bulk.


Very transparent good job with bulks mech looks better. Good work

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Simple but rather effective.

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I love these, although I can’t tell if the focus is on the battle suit or monster. I love the tiny guns and caw for bulk and the electric blue for the monster.

Also, what exactly is a table Scrap? I see it everywhere but still don’t know what it is.

@RogueToa Thank you!

@RaptorTalon most of the real sets were

@superOHYA eh. I’m not the guy to ask. I made these on the floor. I assume it means a moc that was just a sorta side creation that you didn’t set out to create.

A tablescrap is a term used to describe MOCs that were made with the leftover pieces on the ‘table’ from building a actual serious MOC. However it is often used to simply describe a MOC that the creator just whipped up and has no real pride or investment in (most of the time) Just kinda fun little thing made for the ‘lols’

I always liked the IFB machines, and while this one is pretty basic, it’s still pretty cool. I really like the beast revamp, it now looks far more imposing than the original set. Great job on both.

Thank you!

I really like them both, but that crystal-beast is probably my favorite
I love the spines on the crystal-beast
Pretty cool mocs :thumbsup:

Thanks! That’s one of the first things I added.

Ok, thank you.

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The Crystal Beast looks awesome!

Thank you!

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No problem!