Irnakk, the Warlord

I made this Irnakk MOC about year ago.
He is the real Irnakk - it means, this MOC represents Irnakk himself, not the creature from Piraka nightmares. In my FF’s he was the first Skakdi mutated by Spiriah. He became mad after Makuta’s experiments, changed into this creature. His powers became improved, including his elemental power - psionics - which he can use without other Skakdi. He uses a long sword and Power Blaster, Zamor-like gun able to transform user’s power into projectile (it has hit power like paintball gun). Also it is able to change into “claw” battle form.


This looks excellent with a more unified color scheme, even if it isn’t supposed to represent the original Irnakk combiner set.

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Thanks a lot :wink: His color scheme is also explained in my stories. Originally, as an unmutated Skakdi, he was blue/gold, (like original Irnakk and regular Psionics Element user) but his blue color became changed on account of Spiriah’s experiments.
And the real, MOC reason - it would look bad with gold+silver+blue, and I wasn’t able to change all silver pieces for blue ones.

I really like all the blades and spikes on it
The usage of the swords on the Olmak is very clever
To me this is more like a bionicle version of Kratos
Overall great job :thumbsup:

While this isn’t really ‘out there’ as far as MOCs are concerned, and plays it pretty close to the basics. I find this particular MOC strangely endearing, he kinda gives a nice refreshing reminder of the past of not only BIONICLE but the MOCing community as well. My biggest gripes here would be the hands, as they seem a bit small and could stand to be a bit more beastlike.

All in all, good stuff.

Oooohhh spooky :open_mouth:.

I would have loved for stuff like this to have been the basic design for the Piraka sets. This thing is seriously amazing.

Normally I’m the type to prefer when moccers do new stuff but this is fine to me.

I find myself liking this because the original Irnakk suffered in several areas from being a combiner

This has got to be my favorite depiction of Irnakk. It cleans up the color scheme and awkward proportions and replaces it with a very bulky and intimidating build.
I really like how solid the overall build is. It’s consistently chunky and flows quite well. The Olmaks with the gold swords used as pauldrons is a brilliant idea that adds a whole lot to this MOC.

I think the only critique here I can give is that the sword looks a little too cluttered. I think the base sword piece and Bohrok tooth work well, possibly with the added Nuparu claws on the sides, but anything more than that makes it feel a bit cluttered.

I don’t have much to complain about this MOC. It’s enough of Irnakk to hit me right in the nostalgia, but it’s also revamped and original enough to be a breath of fresh air.

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This is one of the best versions or depictions of Irnack I have ever seen you make him seem both imposing and bulky, yet also as if it was fast and could catch you even if you ran away, The weapons are also amazing,

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Truly excellent. I love the weapons, far better than the bootleg foot-ball-holder-claw and skull-gun. I feel like the photography is making the gold look darker than it is, but it looks splendid either way.

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No @Nyran shot?

Why Lego can’t make sets like this one?

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Because it’s expensive buddy, and a ton of work. Also, some MOCs May not be made because they use illegal building techniques.
@Toa_Vladin Yes, but most kids can’t afford to buy the sets and so Lego would get less money. It makes much more sense from a business standpoint. A parent is going to buy their child a £15 set, but never a £50 one.


Bigger is better. Expensive is better.

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Ive always liked transforming weapons, and this is no different. Beautiful moc, especially the colors(I have no idea where you found all that gold), but I would like to know what set the claw launcher blades are from. I’m going to need them, after this awesome show of their functionality.

Hate to rain on your parade, but…


You can find them in Chirox, @superOHYA. And about gold: two Brutakas, Irnakk combiner. I got it all from friends selling pieces, You can find it all on bricklink in cheap prices, or just ask Your friends, maybe they have some usefull pieces to sell.
@Alex_Twenty_Two, yes, I heard about that. However, I have my Bionicle FF universe, where the most things are based on canon, but some of them are changed - like reviving of disintegrated characters, Great Beings story, Mata Nui Robot’s Islands in Spherus Magna, or Irnakk himself. Blasphemy? Maybe a little. But it still brings me a lot of fun.
@Toa_Vladin, I agree, sometimes “bigger and expensive is better”, but not everyone has enough money to buy things like this.


So much gold. It would boost his bounty.

Wonderful MOC! I like everything I see.

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