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It is the 336th year of the Pony Post Disaster timeline, and humanity has expanded beyond the earth sphere. Tetsuuma (Iron Horse Brigade) is company based on mars comprised of child soldiers and former slaves. This is their story

This is a My Little Pony x Gundam: Iron Blooded Orphans RP, set about 10 years after the tv series

Breed: (Ground pony/Unicorn/Pegasus)
Appearance and Colours:
Mobile Suit
MS Armaments:


I am truly excited for this RP, give me a second to craft a masterful character


nice, can’t wait to see it!

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Interesting crossover… I know nothing about Gundam tho.

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I too am curious. However all I know about Gundams is that it’s a lot of giant mechsuits fighting each other and any particulars or species I know about it all comes solely from Death Battle with Optimus Prime vs Gundam and the one that had a Gundam go up against a Power Ranger.

MLP G4? I’d say I’m pretty well-versed, lore-wise.


I don’t know anything about my little pony or gundam, but I used to watch Mister Ed.

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This is beyond C U R S E D


idk what you mean “C U R S E D” this is the natural endpoint of all human society and culture

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I, personally, don’t see what would make this “C U R S E D”.

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The contrast is to the point Where it’s jarring.

That’s what i define as C U R S E D.

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Hmm, I’m surprised and shocked at the same time to see such a role-play. It isn’t at all a bad idea. However, you do know Iron-Blooded Orphans is a very… not so friendly PG-13 show. It has a lot of blood, violence, and other adult themes and something that isn’t generally overall PG-13 friendly.

Now, I don’t know how you are going to mix two separate shows that a very opposite towards each other. Iron-Blooded Orphans is very mature and dark while My Little Pony is kiddy, guffy, and anything that is the opposite of dark and gritty pretty much. I wouldn’t call the show immature… since it has been a long time since I even watched My Little Pony. The last time was when I was a kid.

For your information. Iron-Blooded Orphans was the first Anime that brought me into Anime, so this does hold a special place on my heart. But I do wonder how you are going to combine these two shows. And most importantly. How are the Gundams looking like? And if this is set ten years after the series then there wouldn’t be any more slaves. Since Tekkadan, while they died off, they managed to achieve one goal. And that was to put an end to slavery or how they call it “Human Debris.”

I don’t know, if I’ll join or not, for now, it’s just all up in the air. I’m looking forward in seeing what you are answering.

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