Iron man hulk buster redo in to the "excalibur power suite"

I’m putting this in Lego creations because its meant to be used for a iron man minifiger

opens up

new moc I call it the Excalibur power suite
still opens up the same way just some parts added


I can see effort to make it look like the hulkbuster but the building system is wrong. It would look a lot better with bricks and or maybe just a lot more ccbs to have the smooth texture of a minifigure.

As it is the technic / bionicle gen 1 doesn’t blend well and the arms exspecially need work to look stronger and a little more solid; the easiest solution could be using tires around the ccbs bones. The hand peice in the head should be yellow / keetorange so we can see where the face is. The legs really need to be longer too; just add a bone with a large shell as the upper thigh.


it was a little moc. not super proud I just tried to make it somewhat cohesive. but I don’t know what you mean by hand piece in the head.

Is that not a bionicle pre glatorian hand peice in the head? Right under the foot.

oooow now I know what you mean. I thought you meant a fist type hand in the head.
yes it is a old type hand.

The engineering of the cockpit and how it works is interesting, but, outwardly, the design needs some work.

It’s a good concept but, like Khalsa said, it needs some work and the buiding system just isn’t right.
I have to recommend a change the arms because the just don’t look right :disappointed_relieved:

Keep up the work though!