Iron Man Mk III

Constraction rendition of the suit from the 2008 film. The other day I was fiddling around with gold system parts, got a decent helmet design and figured, why not design the whole suit too? The inspiration for this torso design began by trying to design the Mark III in LDD back in 2014, so I’d say the project is finally complete. The red is edited to appear closer to dark red and the neck appears short due to the camera angle, but in person, it looks proportionate.

As a bonus, here are screenshots of the 2014 and 2015 prototypes.


The eyes are a bit creepy, but overall great job!


The torso and the legs look just great! Well done!

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this is fantastic

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The head is…Weird. Why not use the 2012 mold? Other than that it looks fabulous.

Better yet, why not use prefabricated limb pieces as well? It would save a lot of time.

Because using prefabricated limb and torso pieces is not as creative as building the whole thing yourself. Finding new and interesting ways to use pieces is the whole point of building your own creations; if every minifigure arm stayed on its minifigure, those hands wouldn’t have existed.

And at the end of the day, using pieces in their conventional placement or opting to use preexisting molds instead of replicating them with other pieces just isn’t very Likus, and his build is the better for it. Excellent work as usual, Likus; that helmet ain’t easy to make look right.

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Obviously, I don’t think it looks down right bad: The back and the upper section of the head is great, really. But getting down towards the part between the eyes and the mouth it gets pretty blocky.

There is nothing wrong with using prefabricated parts though… Finding good uses for them can prove to be equally as creative.

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Why not use the 2012 mold?

Because the 2012 mold is too small for a build of this scale.

To give you an idea of just how small it is, here’s IGU’s version, which was built at a similar large scale and uses that head.


Wow, this is amazing! Well done!

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Wow this is brillant! I love what you did for the helmet it’s ingenious!

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That looks really neat! It’s immediately recognizable, which is a great thing considering who it is you’re building.

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Now we need a constraction Tony Stark, complete with chinese bootleg head