Iron Man vs Hulk

I’ve been working on this on and off the last few days. Finally finished it, tell me what you think!

Sorry I just took a picture, when I figure out how to scan with my printer, my stuff will look better, lol.


Iron Man gives Hulk a shower

Drawing is well done, though Hulk’s proportions are off; his body should be much larger and wider, and have stumpier legs


0/10 No Hulkbuster


Sarcasm aside, this looks good, except Hulk looks… small.

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I really like IM’s beam.

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Cool, but my nerdy side kind of ruins it for me.

Still really cool though.

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This, and the fire placed right above Hulk’s head, really make it look like Iron Man’s giving the guy a proper wash.


The proportions are quite off, and the poses for Iron Man and Hulk look awkward. Also, the perspective is largely inconsistent. I do like the affects of the fire, broken bricks and Iron Man’s beams tho.

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Iron Man Rules.

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Thanks for the feedback, guys! I’ll take it into account. (I still have no idea where this shower thing is coming from lol)