Iron Marines- ( Fanart - Borealis Raads PART 2 Mega supreme Geon Enforcer

Comparison of Mega Supreme Geon Enforcer Gravity Raad to his Gravity Carrier Vehicle, storywise the vehicle carries him when he is in his condensed plasma orb form and ejects him to safety if destroyed. The enforcer is somewhat slow but immensely dense and powerful having absorbed and assimilated several boulders that he attracted to himself with his gravity powers, they are now incorporated into his armor although some rocks still hover around him.

and now he himself, he is a giant Lego Big fig I made comprised of 610 pieces that I feel are well placed, notice the specially designed feet based around a Tohunga foot; and shoulders, he also features a simplistic custom de-caled head, but hey the whole build is custom.

background image soruced from:


Now this is what I wish I could make on studio.

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It took very long but it was worth it, thanks for commenting

This is awesome! I love the colors and all the details. Great Job!

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I really like that head design using half of an astroid piece, and the floating rocks around the head is another nice touch.

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