Is a Bohrok Bulky?

I love Stats. Its absolut worthless Knowledge, but I love stats. I dont care who winns against who. And I know you cant conjure Facts from the Hat, what dont exist. So I accept If you cant answer, ore dont like too answer this Kind of Question.

The Question… What Stat is the highest value of a Bohrok? Speed, Intelligence, Bulk, ore Force?
I whish I coult know more. BUT 1 Question pro Thema, accept this.
I ask separatly If you answer this kind of Question.
For the protocoll Stats of the Toa Kaita, of Teridax in his Primal Form, Brutaka and the value distribution of the Vahki and Visorak.

I know for a fact a Bohrok is more bulky than an Av-Matoran in Karda Nui, due to the scene where Gali witnesses the process occur. She describes the Matoran as getting more bulky, if I can remember correctly. And since Av-Matoran grow larger in Karda Nui, Bohrok are probably pretty darn bulky.